Business functionality – even directly in SAP® systems

Right from the start: 70 % of AEB solutions work hand in hand with SAP® systems. But what actually makes SAP® solutions and ASSIST4 solutions such a winning combination? Nine arguments.
Combining ASSIST4 and SAP®

 If everyone is using the same tool, where is the competitive advantage?

It’s nearly impossible to gain a competitive advantage merely by using a market leader for standard software, since SAP® software  is virtually an industry standard. A flexible, highly specialized solution can be deployed with great effect

where a company achieves its greatest added value. ASSIST4 is such a solution – one that can help turn business processes in global trade and logistics into economic engines.


 Much more important than the integration of data and systems: the integration of workflows.

AEB has taken a different path, one that focuses on the question: Which features do users need, and when and where are they needed? Because that is precisely where they should be available. The issue is making it possible for

office workers who spend most of their day working “inside” SAP® systems to generate a customs declarations from that same interface – even if that function is carried out in the background by ASSIST4.


 Variations on the theme of integration.

AEB software offers all types and degrees of integration, from the complete and exclusive use of ASSIST4 to full integration through the ATC :: plug-in. It goes without saying that systems must communicate with one another

smoothly, exchange data, and process objects collaboratively – but that long ago became a means to an end, not an end unto itself.


 Customizing doesn’t always have to be a weeks-long ordeal.

Configuring an SAP® system is a complex and time-consuming process. Once a company has made the decision to run the bulk of its logistics processes with ASSIST4 

in concert with an SAP® system, the configuration and customizing of these processes is often faster and easier.


 If you need add-on solutions, then the fewer the better.

Many companies tend to opt for SAP as a strategic partner – and then bring two or three or more large specialists on board for the critical business functions. 

AEB offers ASSIST4, a single suite capable of integrated standardization and automation of all global trade and logistics processes.


 AEB consultants offer advice on SAP®, ASSIST4, and issues of global trade and logistics.

When customers expect not only knowledge of SAP® customizing but also expertise in the field, AEB consultants fit the bill. The AEB experts are also top-notch when it comes to communication and integration, 

which is why customers like to have them on board when consulting with the SAP® team about configuring end-to-end processes from sales to logistics.


 The right solution can be priceless, even if it isn’t all that expensive.

Many businesses keep an eye on expenses in the workflow to improve their bottom line. That’s why so many companies buy ASSIST4 and benefit from its functionality,especially in tandem with SAP® systems – and even directly within an

SAP® solution through the ATC :: plug-ins: because their experience tells them that this “priceless” software offers real added value.


 Services are more than just another source of revenue for software developers.

Money plays a role when it comes to services and support as well. Services, for example, that ensure your data is in compliance with the law, consultation and coaching when you’re facing an on-site customs inspection, outsourcing of archiving and documentation responsibilities, or negotiations with carriers on the quality and structure of the

tracking & tracing event data they provide. Services for the implementation phase of a new solution, or when the significance of a particular topic only becomes apparent later. AEB offers a whole range of SAP®-related services – services that pay for themselves.


 AEB knows exactly how small and medium-sized enterprises use SAP® solutions. From experience.

AEB itself deploys SAP® software to standardize and automate key processes, using the FI, HR, MM, and SD modules in house. AEB also owns and operates various test 

environments with SAP® systems to create, further develop, and test its own solutions and customer-specific adaptations.


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