AEB is more than just another place to work. Because AEB is just like the people who work here: 

AEB gives more …

More than just a little respect.

Employees who feel accepted, appreciated, and respected will also accept difficult decisions and respect their colleagues – even when things get a bit hectic now and then. And they can also better assess risks and opportunities, even in critical situations.

More than static: ecstatic.

 “Stay put!” That’s what AEB employees tend to tell themselves when they weigh their career options: AEB’s fluctuation rate of 4.3% is far below average. But staying put doesn’t mean sitting still. Just ask this dynamic group of people, who stand together with 58 years of experience at AEB. Those who give so much of themselves have found a home at a company that gives back in equal measure.

More than 8:00 a.m. sharp.

AEB offers all its employees flexible work hours.

More than just making copies.

Much is possible at AEB: Work-study programs, semester internships, student jobs, ... And you will have a much greater variety of tasks than just copying. That’s a promise!

More than just observing.

At AEB, openness is not just a platitude – it’s a promise and incentive for every employee to get involved, lean in, take a seat at the table, and move up.

More than casual Friday.

Dress codes are fine for fancy dinners, but we’re here to work. That’s why AEB has no rules, written or unwritten, about how to dress.

More than just a fun place to work.

To be honest: Working at AEB is no tea party – though we do offer free tea and coffee (not to mention juice, bottled water, and fresh fruit). But our employees enjoy themselves all the same. Even in their free time. Nearly every athletic pursuit is represented here: running, dancing, golf, badminton, basketball, cycling – even across the Alps. And when there's snow on the ground ...

More than just 100% work.

Full time, part time, flextime, parental leave. Downtime. Work is not everything. We know that, which is why we allow our employees to follow almost any concept that helps them achieve the work-life balance they need.

Total flexibility: Part-time work for parents. Time off for new fathers. Parental leave. And (nearly) any form of flexible working hours. Unpaid leave for that dream vacation to Australia? Sabbatical? Support for part-time studies? We’ve seen it all. And they all came back.

More than office work.

Nothing unusual about a home office for AEB employees.

More than a piggy bank.

The time to think about retirement is now. AEB has your back.

More than just fame and glory.

At AEB, we have as many definitions of a successful career as we have employees. Those who work tirelessly in the background are just as valuable to AEB as the public faces of our company.

More than technology.

Leasing of IT devices for private use.

More than just lifelong learning.

German companies spend an average of 2% of their HR budget on advanced training and continuing education for their workforce. AEB doesn’t feel that’s enough. That’s why we invest 5% of our revenues. Yes, you read that right: Five percent. Of revenues.

More than by the book.

Filling out standardized evaluation sheets every two years is not how AEB defines employee development. We work as a team and talk to one another. Feedback is exchanged freely in all directions.

Every employee sits down once a year over a good meal for a leisurely conversation with his or her supervisor and a dialog partner from the company management to talk about the employee’s development and perspectives.

More than just fast food.

Take your lunch break in AEB’s own in-house cafeteria.

More than just not making mistakes.

“Doing things right” is not always so simple. Sometimes, 80% is enough. Sometimes, fast is more important than perfect. Sometimes, “staying the course” in the face of obstacles is catastrophic – and sometimes, it’s the only way. That’s why at AEB, we say: Those with a license to make mistakes get more things right.

More than vague promises.

At AEB, straight talk is our official language.

More vitamins.

An abundance of freshness. All for the taking.

More than just the occasional promotion.

At AEB, you grow with your assignments. And your assignments grow with you. The same is true of the responsibility you bear: No one is first given a job and then expected to grow into it. Quite the contrary: Those who demonstrate abilities are given responsibility.

More incentive to develop.

Coaching? At AEB, we have all models and methods.

More than just toiling away.

At AEB, we work hard and celebrate in style. Company parties are a collaborative affair, and the entire family is welcome. Expert bartenders mix things up while salsa dancers tear up the floor. And at some point, the AEB band takes the stage.

More for your health.

Healthy workplace programs for everyone – more than just flu and shots.

More than flying in circles.

At AEB, the only employees spending time on the road are the ones who prefer to be on the move. Restless spirits have lots of options at AEB – because AEB has customers everywhere. But there’s always enough work to be done in our offices, so if stability is what you seek, you also have a home here.

More than just an open door.

Employees in a workplace environment with open doors and open minds are themselves more open to new ideas and more conscientious and reliable in their work. Open to the wishes of our customers and the questions of their co-workers. And open to criticism – as well as praise and recognition, of course.

More than comforting words.

Having a corporate philosophy is good. Living it takes more. AEB’s value chain defines the space in which AEB forges truly original connections and establishes relationships that lead the way forward. That’s quality we can believe in:

More megabytes.

Open use of the internet for all.

More than just a career ladder.

For AEB, we don’t see a ladder as the right image for professional development, because we don’t think in terms of hierarchies. We prefer to see the company from above in the image of a playing field. Those who make good use of space, pass the ball, move the game forward, and help determine the outcome bring the whole team forward – and play the whole field.

More than just 9 to 5.

Employees who can take responsibility for their own working hours, assignments, and priorities look after more than just themselves – they work for the success of our customers and the development of the company as a whole.

More than just a stimulating workplace.

How do you measure a workplace environment? At AEB, we look at the faces of our employees: the degree of upward curve at the corners of the mouth, or the ratio of laugh lines to worry lines. Conflicts happen wherever people come together with passion to do great things – which is why conflicts are actually seen as something positive at AEB. Because what we call conflict can yield a clearer, stronger resolution.