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Welcome to the Trust Center of AEB SE

Compliance at AEB

At AEB, compliance is much more than just adhering to all legal requirements.

Our values and goals

Compliance guidelines



Data protection at AEB

Meet our data protection team, see key documents, and more.

Data protection documents

Data processing agreements

Data security at AEB


Quality management

Quality management at AEB is defined by customer expectations.

Quality borne of conviction

Ideas that guide us

Our principles in writing


AEB data centers

AEB's data centers are the foundation for our cloud-based software offerings.



Cloud models


Security at AEB

Availability, confidentiality, integrity - these are AEB's top security objectives.

Certified Security

Secure products

Emergency preparedness



Learn what AEB is doing to promote sustainability.

AEB is climate neutral

Energy concept

Vehicle fleet

Bees in headquarters

AEB is certified

All documents at a glance

Here you can find all documents available in the AEB Trust Center.

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Ulrich Lison, Compliance Officer

Ulrich Lison

Compliance Officer

Volkher Wegst, Data Protection Officer

Volkher Wegst

Data Protection Officer

Tobias Zech, Data Protection Coordinator

Tobias Zech

Data Protection Coordinator

Nina Bayer, QMS Officer

Nina Bayer

QMS Officer

Markus Wurdak, Head of IT

Markus Wurdak

Head of IT

Martin Setzler, IT Security Manager

Martin Setzler

IT Security Manager

Susanne Baldenhofer, Marketing

Susanne Baldenhofer


Jürgen Koepke

Jürgen Koepke

Head of Infrastructure