Risk Assessment with AEB: why your IT experts will love our software

Lack the IT resources to digitize your trade compliance and risk management? AEB offers a simple and elegant solution, hosted in our own certified data center, that takes the burden off your in-house IT resources and eliminates long project implementation phases.

Risk assessment from the AEB cloud

  • Risk Assessment is also available in the AEB Cloud, so you don’t need to burden your IT colleagues with the task of procuring hardware and then keeping everything up and running.
  • You can immediately go live with Risk Assessment – no need for long project implementation phases.If you’re already running AEB Compliance Screening, getting started is even easier: Risk Assessment can simply be activated as an add-on function.
  • No more need to worry about backing up Word or Excel files: All the questionnaires are stored securely in our database and automatically backed up at regular intervals.
Risk Assessment software in the AEB cloud

Convenient: Automation and integration with the Risk Assessment software from AEN

Greater convenience and automation

  • The simple application programming interface (API) integrates into your order processing system, so you can monitor risky transactions in real time right in your ERP system and stop outbound shipments when matches are found.
  • Data from the host system automatically pre-populates the questionnaire to streamline your sales processes.
  • AEB offers a plug-and-play extension for SAP (ECC 6.0 and S4/HANA), shifting the burden of ERP system integration from your in-house IT to AEB.
  • You define the rules for your own ERP integration: when questionnaires should automatically be generated, how the employees who need to complete the questionnaire are automatically identified and notified, etc. This helps you safeguard and automate collaboration within your company.