License Management: Keep tabs on all your export licenses

The lawful use of licenses is a key obligation in export controls. But managing licenses manually takes a lot of work and invites errors. License Management from AEB lets you manage all your licenses electronically – for greater efficiency and security. License Management guides you in applying for licenses, suggests the right licenses within a transaction, documents each decrement, and reports usage to the appropriate authorities. Play it safe – with export controls done right!

From USD 133 / month

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All types of licenses. Worldwide

Safeguards against misuse of licenses

Seamless documentation of license usage

Active monitoring of validity, decrements, and preconditions

Usage reports to licensing authorities

Optional integration into SAP® or other ERP systems

Your license management. Worldwide.

License Management from AEB does not limit you to the “standard” export licenses of a few countries. License Management grows with your company, letting you define the license types you need for the countries and industries in which you operate.

Your licenses are managed in one central location, so everyone in the company – wherever they are – sees all the licenses currently available in every jurisdiction and the preconditions for their use.

Your license management. Worldwide.

Used the wrong license? No longer an issue

Used the wrong license? No longer an issue

For many corporate compliance officers, it’s already a big challenge to sift through the mass of export consignments and filter out the critical shipments. But the task grows exponentially when you have to apply for licenses from the national authorities, assign the licenses to shipments, and decrement their use. In some cases, the use of licenses must also be reported regularly to the authorities.

License Management from AEB lends a hand, offering suggestions for applicable licenses or even automatically assigning licenses. This not only makes compliance easier, it also saves time – so your customers get their shipments sooner.

License usage is documented, and licenses are decremented where necessary so that you don’t “overuse” them.

Seamless documentation – even years later

License Management records every use of a license, including the reason for its use and the documents attached when a transaction is approved. This makes it possible to provide quick and comprehensive documentation, even years later, that you fulfilled your obligations. And you’re also able to produce a complete audit trail whenever required.

Seamless documentation – even years later

Active monitoring: up to date and secure

Active monitoring: up to date and secure

License Management monitors your licenses, checking whether they’ll expire soon, whether the allowed quantity or value threshold will soon be reached – and whether the preconditions for their use have been met. Email reminders keep you informed, so you can request a follow-up license or ensure compliance with any remaining requirements before it’s too late.

Reporting requirements made easy

Not all licensing authorities require that you report your usage – and those that do often require it only for certain types of licenses. The required content, format, and frequency of these reports varies from country to country. License Management logs and documents all license usage, maintaining the data pool needed to generate regular reports to licensing authorities.

Enjoy one-click report files for the specific requirements of BAFA in Germany and BIS/ECO in the UK.

Reporting requirements made easy

Check, stop, and approve business processes directly in your ERP system

Check, stop, and approve business processes directly in your ERP system

To maintain good security, it’s important to be able to immediately stop any orders and shipments in your ERP system that are prohibited or require a license. License Management offers an API for integration with your ERP system, so you can approve a blocked transaction with an appropriate license and then lift the block directly in your ERP system. For SAP®, we offer this seamless integration of processes as a plug-in.

This takes the burden off your own IT resources, so you can enjoy a quick, convenient, vetted approval process in your own SAP® environment. With AEB software, your trade compliance is also ready for S/4HANA®. License Management works together with other ERP systems as well, of course. Many of our customers use this option to avoid manual work steps and run their screening right where they work every day – with complete security.

Customers already mastering their trade compliance management with AEB software

Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models 


From USD 133/month 

plus setup fee

250 annual approvals/year
USD 3.33 for each additional approval

* Price on request


From USD 514/month

plus setup fee

3,000 annual approvals/year
USD 3.03 for each additional approval

* Price on request


From USD 2,662/month

plus setup fee

20,000 annual approvals/year
USD 1.60 for each additional approval

* Price on request

An approval is either the assignment of a license or "no license requirement" for stopped transactions.

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License Management lets you configure as many license types as you like, so its use is not restricted to certain countries or legal systems. The license types for Germany (EAG, SAG, HAG) and the UK (SIEL, OIEL, OGEL,…), plus US-EAR and US-ITAR (DSPs and agreements) come predefined.

To which licensing authorities can License Management submit applications directly?

Currently, only the German ELAN-K2 is directly integrated. A few licensing authorities in other countries are planning an interface that will accept license applications through an application programming interface (API), which makes it possible to send application data to the government systems using a web service, for example. But typically, government agencies only offer an electronic platform where you can manually input the applications without the option to transmit data from host systems.

Talk to us if you’d like to integrate with a platform that offers an API for submitting applications.

To which licensing authorities can License Management report recurring license usage?

Currently, we support semi-annual reporting to BAFA in Germany and BIS/ECO in the UK. Contact us if you’d like us to support usage reporting for other countries and authorities.

How do the products Export Controls and License Management work together?

Export Controls checks your transactions (orders, shipments, etc.) for any restrictions: reporting obligations, license requirements, embargoes – that is, any kind of shipping ban. If anything critical is found, the transaction is blocked directly in the SAP® system (where applicable), and the software searches immediately for a license in License Management from AEB that can be used to approve the transaction. Applicable licenses are either suggested or automatically applied, depending on your settings. When License Management assigns a license, the transaction is unblocked in Export Controls and can be further processed.

If no applicable license is found, License Management can generate an application from the screened transaction data. This eliminates the need to enter the business partners and goods manually.

Can I also use License Management without Export Controls?

Yes. All products in the Compliance & Risk Management solution suite (Compliance Screening, Export Controls, License Management) can be purchased and used separately. When License Management is combined with Export Controls and integrated into SAP® through the AEB plug-in, the processes synchronize perfectly, providing a more seamless experience and reducing the need to input data manually.   Export Controls from AEB also makes it easier to filter out critical transactions from the overall pool of transactions.

But if you are able to easily identify licensing requirements on your own, License Management can still be useful on its own. We have customers who use License Management as a centralized platform for storing and monitoring TAAs (US ITAR Technical Assistant Agreements).

How long are the licenses and usage data kept? Is there an archiving solution?

The export control checks run in Export Controls and the subsequent approval with a license from License Management are logged together with an explanation for the approval. This provides an exhaustive audit trail in case auditors or customs authorities need to see documentation.

How long screening information and licenses are kept in the software depends on various factors. If you run License Management on premise – that is, within your own company network – you alone decide how long to keep the data. One limiting factor might be the volume of data, which can throttle database performance over time. That’s why we should have a conversation right at the outset about the potential need for an archiving solution. If you use License Management in the AEB Cloud – that is, running in the AEB data center – then the logs are retained for an agreed time period.

Product expert Mark Brannan

Mark Brannan

International Business Development

"Trading controlled products such as military or dual-use goods is subject to many rules and regulations – on national, regional, and international level. It's hard to keep everything on screen, monitor progress, and store records in line with legal obligations. Our solution simplifies and secures the process."