License Management: Keep tabs on all your export licenses

The lawful use of licenses is a key obligation in export controls. But managing licenses manually takes a lot of work and invites errors. AEB's License Management software lets you manage all your licenses electronically – for greater efficiency and security. License Management guides you in applying for licenses, suggests the right licenses within a transaction, documents each decrement, and reports usage to the appropriate authorities. Play it safe – with export controls done right!

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License Management software features at a glance

In the stress of everyday business, it’s a great challenge for many companies to apply for export licenses from the national authorities, then assign them to the correct shipments, and accurately decrement their use. AEB's License Management software makes it easy for you.

Managing export licenses worldwide

License Management from AEB does not limit you to the “standard” export licenses of a few countries. License Management grows with your company, letting you define the license types you need for the countries and industries in which you operate. Your licenses are managed in one central location, so everyone across your organization sees all the licenses currently available in every jurisdiction across the globe and the preconditions for their use.

Identifying applicable export licenses and decrementing their use

License Management from AEB supports you with export control checks on your business transactions by offering suggestions for applicable export licenses and even automatically assigning licenses. This not only makes compliance easier, it also saves time – so your customers get their shipments sooner. All steps including license usage are documented, and licenses are decremented where necessary so that you don’t “overuse” them.

Presenting seamless documentation – even years later

AEB's License Management software keeps a detailed record of every use of an export license. This includes the reasons for license use and attached documents when transactions are approved. As a result, you can provide quick and comprehensive documentation, even years later, proving that you fulfilled your export control obligations. And you’re also able to produce a complete audit trail whenever required for internal and external purposes.

Benefiting from convenient and automated monitoring of export licenses

License Management from AEB monitors your export licenses actively and continually: Checking whether they’ll expire soon, whether the allowed quantity or value threshold will soon be reached – and whether the preconditions for license use have been met. Automatic email reminders keep you informed, so you can request a follow-up license or ensure compliance with any remaining requirements before it’s too late. The software ensures that you are always up to date without impacting your internal resources.

Complying with reporting requirements – hassle-free

In some cases, the use of export licenses must be reported regularly to the authorities. But not all licensing authorities require that you report your usage – and those that do often require it only for certain types of licenses. The required content, format, and frequency of these reports varies from country to country. License Management from AEB logs and documents all license usage, maintaining the data pool needed to generate reports to licensing authorities. Enjoy one-click report files for the specific requirements of BAFA in Germany and DIT/ECO in the UK.

Easy integration of License Management into your ERP system

System integration maximizes export control efficiency, increases security, and minimizes your risks.


With the License Management plug-in for SAP® you can approve transactions (e.g. sales, purchase, or service orders) that were stopped during the export control check directly in your SAP system by assigning export licenses. The AEB plug-in integrates smoothly and without modification in both ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®.

Options for other ERP systems

Our programming interface (API) for Export Controls is available for integration into other ERP systems. This enables you to approve blocked transactions with an appropriate export license and then lift the block directly in your ERP system. Support is provided by our API documentation, test functions, and expert teams.

Export licenses under control: Customers working with trade compliance software from AEB

    TDK Electronics AG
    ABB Automation Products GmbH Sensycon Alzenau
    Komatsu Germany GmbH
    PUMA SE/PUMA Nordic AB
    SBB Cargo GmbH

“For us, it is extremely important that on the one hand all legal requirements are complied with and on the other hand the operative business and its supply chain are not disturbed.’’

Stefan Klingshirn, Export Control and Customs (ECC) Specialist, OSRAM


“The previous time-consuming, mostly manual system maintenance processes can now be completed much faster and by fewer employees – thanks to AEB software support.”

Dr. Thomas Rudolph, IT Innovation & Business Relation Manager, Röhm GmbH

Nicole Mantei

Nicole Mantei

Product expert

"Correctly identifying and assigning licenses – and being able to present complete records – forms a central part of export license management. We’ve developed License Management to support you with these important export control tasks."

Export controls from A to Z

Your company's processes and products are individual – including your master data, transactional data, and shipping processes. The export control software from AEB integrates all export control checks efficiently and flexibly into your company-specific workflows and ERP systems – from offer to delivery.

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