Import Filing: PLDA Ideal support for your imports to Belgium

Do you have offices in Belgium and prefer to let your local experts clear the imports through customs?AEB Import Filing: PLDA gives you a simple, systematic way to generate import declarations. The software helps you navigate the declaration process and takes care of electronic communications with the Belgian PLDA e-customs system.

From USD 133 / month

The easy and clever way to create import declarations for Belgium

Import Filing: PLDA helps you process import declarations for Belgium. Smart shortcuts let you easily import documents like invoices and delivery notes from your host system and automatically generate import declarations. Automatically allocate transport and insurance costs to the various line items by net weight or net price, for example. Smart templates help minimize the valuable work time you spend preparing frequently recurring import declarations. The system is also at your side when you need to adjust or cancel declarations.

Clear imports through Belgian customs with Import Filing: PLDA

Use Import Filing: PLDA to communicate easily with the PLDA e-customs system

Perfect communication with the PLDA e-customs system 

Import Filing: PLDA transmits the completed import declaration to the PLDA e-customs system of Belgian customs and receives messages back from the customs authorities. Any error messages are prominently identified for quick processing so that you can re-submit the import declaration without delay. When the goods are released into free circulation, customs sends a Single Administrative Document (SAD) and assessment of duties and taxes. An overview lets you see at a glance whether the assessed fees match the amounts calculated from the customs declaration.

DIY calculations of customs values and statistical values

Import Filing: PLDA has a few convenient features you’ll appreciate. One such feature is the ability to pre-calculate the customs value (or even the statistical value) based on the import declaration. This allows you to calculate the amount of customs duties you’ll likely owe, which can be helpful in your liquidity planning, for example. The software also provides up-to-date currency exchange rates upon request. 

Easily calculate customs values with Import Filing: PLDA

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Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From USD 133/month

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100 import declarations/year
USD 7.71 for each additional import declaration

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From USD 904/month

plus setup fee

2,500 import declarations/year
USD 5.63 for each additional import declaration

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From USD 2,662/month

plus setup fee

10,000 import declarations/year
USD 3.19 for each additional import declaration

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How quickly can I start using Import Filing: PLDA?

You must register with the Danish customs authorities before you can start using Import Filing: PLDA. Typically, no extended waiting period is necessary. We’re happy to support you here.

If you want help configuring interfaces to your system environment or training your employees, plan accordingly.

What happens if the customs requirements change?

Import Filing: PLDA is automatically updated to reflect changes in customs laws as soon as they come into force. No further action is required on your part.

Product expert Frans Kok

Frans Kok

General Manager

"In the digital age, there is no need for import shipments to get stuck at customs and cause delivery delays. Integrated customs management creates transparency and accelerates the process – and ensures regulatory compliance at the same time."