Export Filing: ATLAS – moving your export processes into the fast lane

ATLAS Export is the electronic “gateway to the world” for every exporter in Germany – the e-customs interface through which nearly all exports must be declared. Export Filing: ATLAS from AEB does the job with speed, simplicity, security.

From USD 133 / month

Your direct line to German customs

Export Filing: ATLAS transmits your export declarations to Germany’s ATLAS e-customs system and provides a direct interface for all incoming messages – releases, endorsements of exit, orders for a customs examination, etc. Paperwork such as the export accompanying document (EAD) can easily be printed out from the export transaction or forwarded by email. And of course, it’s all been certified by the German customs authorities. 

Export Filing: ATLAS – manage exports with German customs

Export Filing: ATLAS – use simplified customs procedures

Benefit from simplified procedures

Export Filing: ATLAS lets you reap the benefits of all required export-related simplifications. For example: 

  • Movement of goods into the export process using the standard or simplified procedure (one- or two-phase)
  • Movement of goods into outward processing and with simplified declaration for movement into outward processing (formerly A7)
  • Simplified procedure with simplified declaration without a formal authorization (formerly known as incomplete export declaration)
  • Simplified procedure with simplified declaration with a formal authorization (formerly known as approved exporter)
  • Monthly collective customs declarations (local clearance in the bookkeeping of the declarant with exemption from presentation to customs)
  • Delayed export declarations

Extrastat declarations included

When you use Export Filing: ATLAS to submit your export declarations to ATLAS, a special interface also files the Extrastat declaration with the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). One less thing for you to worry about. And it gets better: The software also provides a convenient interface for responding to follow-up requests from customs. 

Export Filing: ATLAS including Extrastat declarations

Customers already mastering Export Filing with AEB software

    Aleris Rolled Products Germany GmbH
    ARI Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG
    B/E Aerospace Systems/Collins Aerospace
    BAE Systems
    Balluff GmbH

Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From USD 133/month

plus setup fee

250 export declarations/year
USD 4.06 for each additional export declaration

* Price on request


From USD 514/month

plus setup fee

2,500 export declarations/year
USD 2.29 for each additional export declaration

* Price on request


From USD 2,662/month

plus setup fee

25,000 export declarations/year
USD 1.28 for each additional export declaration

* Price on request

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How quickly can I get started with Export Filing: ATLAS? 

You can get up and running with Export Filing: ATLAS in very little time. If you already have an EORI number, you don’t need to take care of any other formalities with the customs administration. Do you want to integrate Export Filing: ATLAS as a plug-in or interface into your IT system environment and export processes? Or do you need training for your employees beforehand? If so, be sure to allow enough time.

How long does it take to integrate Export Filing: ATLAS into our existing system? 

That depends on which ERP system you are using and the extent of the desired integration and automation. Depending on your particular circumstances, the software could be integrated into your export processes within a few days. An AEB expert will also be happy to assist you.

What options does Export Filing: ATLAS offer for integrating customs clearance into our systems and processes? 

Export Filing: ATLAS can be addressed through an API (web service) and easily integrated by your own IT department or IT system vendor. That means it’s possible to link common systems such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Infor, or proAlpha.

Can Export Filing: ATLAS be integrated into our existing SAP® system? 

Yes. Export Filing: ATLAS can be easily integrated into SAP® ERP ECC6.0 and SAP® S4/HANA. AEB offers a plug-in for this. Integration into any other ERP or logistics system is also possible.

Is Export Filing: ATLAS certified by German customs?

Yes, Export Filing: ATLAS has of course been certified by German customs.

What happens if the customs requirements change? 

As soon as changes from the customs authorities take effect, they are available in Export Filing: ATLAS. The software is automatically updated to reflect the change. So you don’t have to do anything: Export Filing: ATLAS continues to provide the same effective support for your exports.

What happens when the IT communication with customs is interrupted? Will my goods be grounded?

Your goods will not be grounded, even if there are technical problems in the communication with customs. You can generate the necessary fallback document directly from the export transaction and print it out. Once technical communication is restored, simply submit the data electronically to ATLAS retroactively.

We’re already using Export Filing from AEB in one country. Is there any advantage to having our German offices work with Export Filing as well?

There are several advantages to using Export Filing for different countries. First of all, your IT department will be happy to have only one software program to manage. But it also makes it easier to set up a centralized customs department. We have customers who do their operational customs clearance in Germany but have their central customs department in another country. Customs experts find it much more transparent if all offices work with the same family of software. This enhances transparency and makes it easier to prepare internal audits and customs audits.

Product expert Frans Kok

Frans Kok

General Manager

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