Customs clearance with Export Filing: AGS – Dutch export declarations made easy  

The Netherlands is a major EU export hub. Anyone who wants to utilize this hub for exports must submit an electronic customs declaration to the AGS e-customs system. Export Filing: AGS from AEB is the perfect tool to automate and accelerate your entire customs process – for faster, smoother customs clearance.

From USD 133 / month

Continue exporting to the UK from the Netherlands

Brexit is done – continue exporting to the UK from the Netherlands

If you export goods to the UK, you need to file customs declarations. This is the result of the UK and the EU splitting up into two separate markets on January 1, 2021. All companies trading between the Netherlands and the UK are faced with new customs formalities and changes in existing customs processes. If you want to make sure your export declarations always meet the latest export requirements, Export Filing: AGS from AEB is the perfect solution for you.

Your direct line to Dutch customs

Export Filing: AGS communicates directly with the Dutch AGS e-customs system, helping you submit export declarations, manage exports and re-exports in both the normal and simplified procedure. You can even generate the required T2L(F) declarations for shipments to special territories or through third countries. Paperwork such as the export accompanying document (uitvoergeleide documenten) or the endorsement of exit (bevestiging van uitgaan) can be easily printed out from the export transaction or automatically forwarded by email. Export Filing: AGS is by your side all the way to customs clearance.

Export Filing: AGS – submit export declarations and get customs clearance

Your ticket to free trade and customs privileges

Your ticket to free trade and customs privileges

Use existing data to quickly generate movement certificates such as EUR. 1 and A.TR. You can even download an XML file that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kamer van Koophandel (KvK)) can use to generate an electronic certificate of origin.

NCTS included

Export Filing: AGS lets you tap into the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) – a boon to re-exporters and others who need to transport uncleared non-EU goods. Submit transit procedures, receive the necessary transit accompanying document, then print it out – all from the single interface of Export Filing: AGS.

Export Filing: AGS including NCTS transit procedure

Export Filing: AGS including port notifications

Container declarations on board

Full container loads (FCL) shipped through the Port of Rotterdam require a prior e-declaration with the port authority in the “Portbase” Port Community System. Export Filing: AGS automatically extracts the data needed for port notifications from the customs declaration – one less thing for you to worry about.

Customers already mastering Export Filing with AEB software

    Zumtobel Group AG
    Mann & Schröder GmbH
    Thales Deutschland GmbH
    B/E Aerospace Systems/Collins Aerospace

Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From USD 133/month

plus setup fee

250 export declarations/year
USD 4.06 for each additional export declaration

* Price on request


From USD 514/month

plus setup fee

2,500 export declarations/year
USD 2.29 for each additional export declaration

  • Basic features
  • Exports from up to 3 countries
  • Transit procedures (NCTS Toegelaten Afzender (TA))
  • Port notifications (Portbase)
  • Reporting & Analytics*
  • Plug-in for SAP® (USD 325/month)
  • Integration into other ERP systems*

* Price on request


From USD 2,662/month

plus setup fee

25,000 export declarations/year
USD 1.28 for each additional export declaration

  • Basic features
  • Exports from up to 5 countries
  • Transit procedures (NCTS Toegelaten Afzender (TA))
  • Port notifications (Portbase)
  • Reporting & Analytics*
  • Plug-in for SAP® (USD 325/month)
  • Integration into other ERP systems*

* Price on request

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How quickly can I get started with Export Filing: AGS? 

You can get up and running with Export Filing: AGS in very little time. You don’t need to take care of any preliminary formalities with the customs authorities. Do you want to integrate Export Filing: AGS as a plug-in or interface into your IT system environment and processes? Or do you need training for your employees beforehand? If so, be sure to allow enough time.

How long does it take to integrate Export Filing: AGS into our existing system? 

That depends on which ERP system you are using and the extent of the desired integration and automation. Depending on your particular circumstances, the software could be integrated into your processes within a few days. An AEB expert will also be happy to assist you.

What options does Export Filing: AGS offer for integrating customs clearance into our systems and processes? 

Export Filing: AGS can be addressed through an API (web service) and easily integrated by your own IT department or IT system vendor. That means it’s possible to link common systems such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Infor, or proAlpha.

Can Export Filing: AGS be integrated into our existing SAP® system? 

Yes. Export Filing: AGS can be easily integrated into SAP® ERP ECC6.0 and SAP® S4/HANA. AEB offers a plug-in for this. Integration into any other ERP or logistics system is also possible.

Is Export Filing: AGS certified by Dutch customs?

Yes, Export Filing: AGS has of course been certified by Dutch customs.

What happens if the customs requirements change? 

As soon as changes from the customs authorities take effect, they are available in Export Filing: AGS. The software is automatically updated to reflect the change. No further action is required on your part.

Are the port notifications a special requirement of Dutch customs?

No, Dutch customs has nothing to do with port notifications. The port notifications go to the port authority in Rotterdam, which uses them to pre-schedule the unloading of containers. Export Filing: AGS lets you generate port notifications from existing customs data. This is practical for you and eliminates a work step.

We’re already using Export Filing from AEB in one country. Is there any advantage to having our Dutch offices work with Export Filing as well?

There are several advantages to using Export Filing for different countries. First of all, your IT department will be happy to have only one software program to manage. But it also makes it easier to set up a centralized customs department. We have customers who do their operational customs clearance in the Netherlands but have their central customs department in another country. Customs experts find it much more transparent if all offices work with the same family of software. This enhances transparency and makes it easier to prepare internal audits and customs audits.

Product expert Frans Kok

Frans Kok

General Manager

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