Export Controls: The best way to keep your exports under control

Businesses that hope to thrive in the global marketplace need to understand and manage applicable bans and restrictions. The key to this is checking export transactions against the relevant laws and regulations. And that’s exactly what Export Controls from AEB does for you. The result is less risk and optimized export control processes.

From USD 133 / month

China's new law

Checking worldwide embargoes and license requirements

Easy definition of company-specific restrictions

Background screening of business processes, action required only for matches

From ad hoc checks online to automated full screening

Comprehensive documentation of screening activities in audit trail

Easy integration into your ERP system, embedded into SAP® upon request

Check worldwide embargoes and license requirements

Export Controls checks the countries, goods, and intended end-use of your business transactions for compliance with current bans and licensing requirements. You have complete control in deciding which countries and bodies of legislation you wish to include in the screening.

Our data service automatically keeps you up to date on the legal requirements under the EU Dual-Use Regulation, Germany’s Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance, and the United States’ Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Screen against worldwide embargo lists and license requirements

Easily define company-specific restrictions

Easily define company-specific restrictions

Export Controls lets you define restrictions unique to your company. These might relate to the transactional value or goods attributes, for example, or to the countries of departure, consignee, and destination. This makes it possible to customize export control regulations to your precise fields of business and reflect the requirements that are important for your company. Our customers use this feature to avoid signing business contracts that violate import restrictions in destination countries such as China and Russia, for example. Or to alert them about shipments to countries that are used to circumvent bans and restrictions.

Export Controls screens in the background without slowing your processes

When it comes to export control compliance, having a screening routine embedded into your workflow is an absolute must. Export Controls does exactly that – watching over you whenever you create a new transaction or modify data that is subject to screening. This means you can rest easy – knowing, for example, that each new shipment in a long-term order is still exempt from licensing requirements.

If Export Controls finds a restriction, the compliance officer is automatically notified by email and the transaction is stopped, regardless of where in the company it is being executed. If no restriction is found, users are blissfully unaware of the background screening.

Export Controls screens in the background without slowing your processes.

From ad hoc checks online to full screening

From ad hoc checks online to full screening

You’re in charge of the screening intervals: Export Controls is browser-based, so you can start screening individual business transactions right away from anywhere in the world. If you want to screen a larger volume of business operations, you can assemble them in a file and run the file through the software. This can be automated and repeated daily or weekly according to your needs. And if you want to relieve your own in-house IT resources of this task, you can simply have your data screened in the certified AEB data center. Or opt for the automated comprehensive screening by integrating Export Controls into your ERP system.

Audit trail: comprehensive, centralized documentation

When in doubt, you naturally want to be able to document that you took all the proper steps to comply with bans and restrictions. That’s why Export Controls keeps a record of every check and every result – including any override of a restriction, along with the reasons provided and any attached documentation. This makes it possible to provide quick and comprehensive documentation, even years later, that you fulfilled your obligations.

Audit trail: comprehensive, centralized documentation

Easy integration into your ERP system, embedded into SAP® upon request

Easy integration into your ERP system, embedded into SAP® upon request

Reliable export controls absolutely depend on the ability to screen every business transaction and, if necessary, put on the brakes. Export Controls allows seamless monitoring directly in your ERP system. Top-quality APIs make integration into your IT environment a snap. We also provide you with ready-to-use plug-ins for SAP® systems.

You also have the option of having Export Controls screen data in the background within your software, allowing you to reap the rewards of Export Controls within your accustomed environment.

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From USD 133/month 

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plus setup fee

250,000 item checks/year
USD 0.0229 for each additional check

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2,500,000 item checks/year
USD 0.0128 for each additional check

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Which jurisdictions are covered by the ongoing updates in Export Controls?

Export Controls continuously updates the export control regulations of Germany’s Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance, the EU’s Dual-Use Regulation, and the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Can I also define my own jurisdictions or rules in Export Controls?

Yes, you can! Export Controls can be used worldwide not only to screen against export control regulations but also to check many other laws and company-specific requirements. It’s very easy to configure the screening logic on your own.

Are the screening results in Export Controls logged?

Yes, the checks and their results are logged in Export Controls. This provides a comprehensive audit trail should auditors or customs authorities need to see documentation.

How long are screening results kept?

We consult with you to determine how long you wish to have screening results retained.

Product expert Mark Brannan

Mark Brannan

International Business Development

“Across industry sectors and around the globe, export control compliance programs are often considered a burden. But effective programs are the best way to prevent violations from occurring in your company, protect your business reputation, and secure your brand image. Export Controls from AEB automates the process and delivers peace of mind without slowing down your business.”