Sanctions list screening: Automation minimizes your trade compliance risks

Efficient sanctions list screening relies on automation

Compliance Screening from AEB runs automatic sanctions list checks in the background of your transactions without interrupting daily business. The software supports you with intelligent process automation and an algorithm that minimizes the number of "false positives" – alleged matches that turn out to be mere name similarities. 

Whenever an actual match is identified, Compliance Screening automatically triggers pre-defined processes and generates an email to your compliance officer. This saves you the time and trouble of constantly working through lists of matches.

What it looks like: sanctions list screening with AEB software

Have a look and get a feeling for Compliance Screening from AEB in this short video tutorial. In just two minutes, global trade expert Mark Brannan guides you through the key steps of manual sanctions list screening. 

You can find out more about available lists and screening packages on our pages Sanctions lists and Dow Jones content. Watch the film on our Integration page to see how the process looks directly in SAP®, Salesforce, and other ERP systems. And to get a quote, just visit our Prices page.

Sanctions list screening: Automation minimizes Tosoh's trade compliance risks

Peace of mind for sanctions list screening: Case study Tosoh

Tosoh Europe B.V. is a global chemical corporation with headquarters in Japan and regional EMEA office in Amsterdam. With 12,000 employees in 100 offices worldwide, Tosoh takes trade compliance management very seriously. This is not an easy task with global manufacturing facilities, customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and direct deliveries from production and storage facilities to customers worldwide. The corporation relies on AEB solutions integrated directly in SAP® to ensure compliance and efficiency for sanctions list screening and export controls .