Comprehensive compliance risk mitigation through automation

More than 1,500 companies worldwide rely on AEB's Compliance Screening software solution. Automated sanctions list screening in the background of your daily business processes. 

Compliance Screenings can be used throughout your company – on demand or fully automated

Throughout your company – on demand or fully automated

Check your business partners in real time against global sanctions lists. On demand via an easily accessible web application, if and when needed. Or fully automated for your entire address database. 

Protection and transparency through digital audit trails with Compliance Screening software from AEB

Protection and transparency through digital audit trails

Be ready for official audits or queries from the management board. All screenings and results are automatically logged – including the evaluations of matches and the reasons for approvals.

Safe and efficient risk mitigation without manual effort: Compliance Screening Software from AEB

Safe and efficient risk mitigation – without manual effort

Restricted party lists are updated each day and screening is based on an intelligent algorithm that runs automatically in the background. Users are only notified in case of actual matches. 

Sanctions list screening: national und international - All relevant lists from AEB

Sanctions list screening: national and international

Checking business partners against sanctions lists is mandatory for all companies. But it has become impossible to manually handle this task successfully. This is due to the vast number of official lists and the frequency of changes on a global level. Compliance Screening from AEB automates the process and delivers daily updates as part of the software solution. 

Integration into ERP or CRM: SAP®, Salesforce, and more

 Simple and reliable options to integrate AEB's Compliance Screening into your existing IT landscape deliver additional value for your compliance program. Smart technologies (including plug-ins, apps, and APIs) are available for easy integration into established ERP systems such as SAP®, Salesforce, proAlpha, IFS, and many more. This ensures a smooth flow of data and continuous process support for efficient risk mitigation.

Compliance Screening from AEB - Integration directly into ERP or CRM: SAP®, Salesforce and more

How the software works

What are "false positives" and how does the software manage them? Here you can find out more about AEB's Compliance Screening. Have a look to get an impression of the software and watch a short video tutorial. 

Content and Dow Jones

The most common global sanctions lists are provided directly by AEB. Additional content packages are available for major players in global markets. For example, from our content partner Dow Jones Risk & Compliance. 

Compliance Screening prices

Demand-driven price plans and optional services deliver flexibility and full transparency. Options based on transactional volumes and available budgets offer ideal combinations for any business need.

Compliance Screening Product expert Olga Pramberger

Olga Pramberger, Global Trade Expert 

"Compliance Screening from AEB checks your business contacts in real time against global sanctions lists. Efficiently and reliably."

Export controls from A to Z

Your company's processes and products are individual – including your master data, transactional data, and shipping processes. The export control software from AEB integrates all export control checks efficiently and flexibly into your company-specific workflows and ERP systems – from offer to delivery.

Evaluating risks in business transactions

Managing licenses and approving transactions