UNSPED Customs Consultancy

UNSPED Customs Consultancy journey started 41 years ago and thanks to your trust and confidence, UNSPED became one of the leading Customs Consultancy companies in Turkey. 

Our policy is to fulfill all the obligations to our customers with a huge staff of total 1500 employees. We provide Customs Consultancy services in many areas like: 

  • Import and Export Customs Clearance
  • Logistics Services
  • Incentive and collateral Consultancy
  • Legislation and Legal Consultancy
  • Courier Services
  • ...

UNSPED Customs Consultancy has the following product in use:

UNSPED Customs Consultancy

Mahmutbey Mahallesi 2655 Sokak No:3 Posta
Kodu: 34218 Bagcilar / Istanbul / TÜRKİYE

Phone +90 444 99 81
Email sales@ugm.com.tr