AEB wins hackathon at supply chain conference
Hackathon premiere

AEB wins hackathon at supply chain conference

Eight hours working on four complex tasks: 7 expert teams competed in the hackathon at the 34th International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin. It was a new challenge – find out more.

It was the very first hackathon that ever took place at the long-established International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin. And in the end, it was the AEB team of Thomas Philipp, Daniel Schueler, and Jonas Weichert who scored the victory. 

Our three IT experts won out over six other participating teams who signed up to the challenge hosted by BASF. In addition to other IT companies, competing teams also included Fraunhofer IML and DB Schenker. Daniel Schueler accepted the first prize from Prof. Raimund Klinkner (President, BVL), Prof. Thomas Wimmer (Chairman of Management Board, BVL), and Ralf Busche (Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, BASF).

A “hackathon” is a sprint-like design event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development – including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and often subject-matter experts – engage in an intense collaboration on software projects with the goal of creating usable software within a limited timeframe. 

This year’s International Supply Chain Conference brought together over 3,000 delegates. The nomination of a team for the first hackathon was open to all companies participating in the conference, regardless of the sector in which they operate, which included logistics, manufacturing, trade, IT, and consulting – to name just a few. 

Seven corporate teams signed up to compete for the best programming solution of a data-driven problem. Each company was allowed to nominate only one team consisting of two to five people. This new part of the conference program was hosted by BASF, who also provided data analysts to supervise the competition and supported the hackathon prize of €10,000 for the winner’s team. 

Teaching computers music 

The exact problem – or hackathon challenge – was only published on the day of the event itself. Each participant had to bring his or her own laptop with a charging cable. All other required resources were provided. 

The task was carefully selected to ensure that none of the participating companies had an advantage over the others. All participating teams had to solve the same problem: four tasks in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning that centered on developing a program that recognizes music files and classifies them into five style categories such as “happy,” “angry,” “scary,” “exciting,” and “sad.” 

It was a challenging task, and we are very proud of our AEB team (Thomas Philipp, Daniel Schueler, Jonas Weichert) who mastered the challenge brilliantly and won the competition – by a wide margin, by the way. Congratulations again to the winners!