Boost your supply chain performance with cloud-based software from AEB.

AEB’s cloud-based services offer benefits such as simpler cross-enterprise collaboration and mobile access to data – so your supply chain can perform like never before. Above all, they help free up your own IT resources and slash your operating costs.

Over 15 years in the cloud

Ultimate reliability and security

Lower IT costs

Stable runtime performance – in AEB’s own data center

Easy communication with customs and transport partners

Less stress on your IT resources

5,000 businesses trust in our cloud experience

For over 15 years, businesses have relied on software running in the AEB data center and placed their trust in our cloud solutions. Today, software running in our two high-tech data centers supports the global trade and logistics processes of more than 5,000 businesses. You won’t find a more efficient platform for your AEB software.


Reliability and security: we deliver!

AEB runs your software in its own ISO 27001–certified data center. The latest technology, an experienced team, state-of-the-art security architectures, redundant data backups, and tried-and-tested contingency plans ensure the security of your data and stability of your applications. We offer our customers standard 24/7 operation with an availability rate of over 99%. AEB’s data centers are located in Germany, run and monitored by our own employees. Our data centers comply with the strict specifications of Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How AEB lowers your IT costs

Obviously, we know our own software better than anyone else. That’s why we were able to tailor our data center infrastructure to the precise needs of our software and can run it there much more cost-effectively than the major cloud service providers could. The result is an unbeatable value for money. And that includes more than just the software, of course: Administration and maintenance services are all rolled into the price as well.

Stable runtime performance – in AEB’s own data center

Another advantage of AEB having its own data center: If a problem ever does occur, we can respond quickly and are not dependent on service level agreements with other providers. Our IT and global trade specialists also take proactive measures to ensure your solutions run smoothly and are always up to date.

Easy communication with customs and transport partners

Our cloud services even include the monitoring of customs messages. Two dedicated open lines to the customs authorities ensure high performance – including a failover, just in case. AEB also provides a ticket number to use with the fallback procedure when the customs authority's e-customs system is down. The link to your transport partners is also centrally monitored. When changes are made in the communication with carriers or parcel companies, we act – often before you yourself learn about it.

Less stress on your IT department

We automatically adapt the software to reflect changes to the law – new customs requirements, modified restricted party lists, new embargo regulations, and more. Database monitoring, system monitoring, and update services are also included. This takes the burden off your IT department, so you can focus on more value-adding tasks.

“We recognized that moving the solution to the cloud made sense for us. This allowed us to focus on those areas of IT that truly create value for us rather than spending our time with maintenance and support tasks that can be better and more efficiently handled by the solution provider.”

Andreas Lehmann, Head of Supply Chain Management at Villiger Söhne GmbH

When is a move to the cloud interesting?

Are you running on-premise installations of AEB solutions? Here are some situations where it might make sense to move these solutions to the AEB Cloud.

  • Your IT resources are stretched thin and are already working at capacity to keep your core ERP system running smoothly.
  • You regularly face system-related questions about the running of your solution.
  • Your hardware and/or servers need to be updated, and an investment is imminent.
  • The costs and resources needed for recurring or legally pressing updates are almost impossible to calculate.
  • You and your customers see the value in a certified data center.
  • You want AEB to handle the necessary customs applications for you when a new software version is released.
  • You want the certainty of good performance and guaranteed availability of the systems at least 24 hours a day, 5 days a week – or more.
  • You want a worry-free solution for software and operations from a single source.
  • You are in a growth phase and/or a highly dynamic business environment and need systems that can respond to this with flexibility.
Ilkay Coban Product Expert

Ilkay Coban

Product Expert

"In the AEB Cloud we take care of updates, operation and security of your software. You can not relieve your IT department more effectively."