Finding new customers for your broker services has never been easier!

Join AEB's global network of customs brokers to get access to AEB's international customer base. Your customs services will be made available to a large group of shippers, forwarders, and other logistics service providers. AEB's digital ecosystem will make data exchange smooth and efficient. Become a member of our partner network and grow internationally.

Our guiding principle: digital, high-quality customs broker services

AEB's Partner Program is a strong ecosystem of experienced and qualified customs broker partners. They support AEB customers with cross-border trade using AEB's Customs Broker Integration software. 

The program offers you a lucrative opportunity to grow your business internationally. Increase your revenue by getting access to AEB’s extensive customer base and differentiate yourself from other customs brokers by offering innovative, automated solutions.

Petya Mancheva, AEB SE
Petya Mancheva, AEB SE

Petya Mancheva, Partner Manager at AEB

"Partners are the cornerstone of AEB’s growth strategy. As a partner manager, I will work closely with you to build a long-term and successful business cooperation."

Mark Brannan, AEB SE
Mark Brannan, AEB SE

Mark Brannan, Head of Broker Services at AEB

"Maximizing customs process automation offers our partners increased business opportunities, greater competitiveness in the market, and access to new international markets."

From signing up to our program to your first new customer in 4 steps

AEB's Partner Program is aimed at creating added value for customs brokers and AEB customers. Our 4-step onboarding process promotes this goal by developing mutually beneficial collaborations and investing resources in a smart and efficient way.

Step 1: Apply to join AEB's customs broker network

Tell us everything we should know about your customs broker services in the application form. After reviewing your information, we will share more insights into the basic concept of cooperation, our vision on digitizing customs broker services, indicative pricing, technical integration as well as contractual terms.

If we both feel that we are a good fit, we will agree in principle to become partners. You don’t need to invest in any IT integration at this stage.  And – a basic principle of our network – membership of our partner network is free of charge.

Step 2: We'll offer and promote your customs broker services

AEB will actively promote your broker services through an international marketing program and offer your services via multiple sales channels. We will identify potential customers that are interested in your services.

Step 3: We'll contact you when we identify a potential customer

Once AEB has identified a potential customer, we will discuss their requirements with you. You assess their suitability, identify the correct scope of service, and provide pricing. If the customer is ready to do business with us, we’ll move ahead with finalizing the partnership which includes IT integration, a commercial agreement, and Terms & Conditions.

Step 4: Start operations with the new joint customer

Following an initial period of testing, we'll be ready to start productive operations with our first joint customer. AEB will transfer the customer's data to you. You declare to the customs authority and invoice AEB for all declarations that you process on behalf of the customer.

For customer-centric customs brokers: are you a good fit?

AEB's customs broker network is known for it's high-quality services; a key-benefit for AEB's customers. Therefore, new partner brokers need to comply with a carefully selected set of requirements. Check the list below to see if you are good fit.

  • You share AEB's vision of building a modern ecosystem for global trade
  • You have expertise on national customs regulations
  • You can provide support and advice to AEB’s customers on national customs regulations
  • You have AEO or equivalent national status
  • You have the IT capability to handle larger volumes
  • You work with an automated interface to the national customs authority
  • You provide your services in English
  • You have a good level of service coverage in the country of service (ports, airports, etc.)

Member benefits that help you grow your business

Access to AEB customers

Our global customer base consists of more than 5,500 companies – many of which are multinationals. A great starting point to accelerate growth for your business.

Gain a competitive edge

Offering automated customs broker services will increase your attractiveness in the market, lead to more inquiries, and generate more business for you. 

Expand internationally

Being part of a thriving ecosystem of AEB customers and customs broker partners all over the world, will enable you to offer an international solution to your national customers.

Free-of-charge software

The key to an efficient collaboration in our Partner Program is AEB's Customs Broker Integration software. As a program member, you will be able to use it free of charge.

Join AEB's Partner Program for customs brokers

Ready to accelerate growth for your business and your customers? So are we! We can’t wait to partner with you. Take the first steps today.

1. Fill in the form

Apply to become a member of our partner network by completing the form.

2. We’ll contact you

AEB will review your form submission. If the joint value proposition meets our program needs, AEB will contact you to discuss things further.