More than shipping: end-to-end carrier management with AEB

AEB software lets you optimize all your operational processes in collaboration with your transport service providers: It starts by automatically selecting carriers and parcel services. It assigns orders and generates carrier-specific labels. It even tracks and traces your shipments, automatically audits freight invoices, and allocates freight costs internally. 


Take your supply chain performance to the next level

Perfect organization of your shipping processes is the key to the kind of supply chain performance that will delight your customers. AEB Shipping provides a smart link between physical activities and the data you need. Consignment consolidation, packing, printing all required shipping documents, load control: Everything works together seamlessly. You’ll gain speed and flexibility in how you ship your goods while driving down error rates in packing and loading. The result is high-efficiency goods issue processes.

Your entire supply chain at a glance

For an optimal flow of goods in a supply chain, the exchange of data must also run smoothly. AEB Monitoring & Alerting offers next-generation shipment tracking. The software platform from AEB not only consolidates the tracking data of your transport service providers, it also lays the foundation for state-of-the-art supply chain event management. You define the milestones in your supply chain – and AEB Monitoring & Alerting sends you proactive alerts when planned or unplanned events such as delays occur. One more benefit: You gain a reliable base of data for performance measurement.

Monitoring & Alerting

Freight Cost Management

The smart way to cut freight costs

Invoicing errors greatly inflate the costs of freight services. It is estimated that an average of eight percent of invoices contain errors. Do you have the time to scrutinize every last line item of the charges billed by your freight provider? AEB Freight Cost Management solves this problem for you. The software detects inflated invoices, streamlines the process of checking invoices, and lowers your freight costs.

End-to-end Carrier Management suite