Zoll Plus

The Zoll Plus Dienstleistungs GmbH is an Austrian based company. We define ourselves as a competent partner in the field of customs and foreign trade. Our customers are both the import/export - industry, as well
as freight forwarders, which need help regarding the complex EU foreign trade system.

Customs and foreign trade are very exciting matters, but economic operators constantly face new challenges by a fast-changing legislative and case law by the European Court of Justice as well as national courts. Therefore Zoll Plus was founded with the fundamental idea of forming a highly specialized group of experts to concentrate the necessary knowledge to help our customers to fully comply with EU customs and foreign trade law.

AEO-certification: Yes

Zoll Plus has the following product in use:

Zoll Plus Dienstleistungs GmbH

Zentrale Wels
Terminalstraße 102
A-4600 Wels

Phone +43 (0)7242 214032 – 0
Email office@zollplus.com