State of change
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State of change

The ongoing software replacement at Transport Administration & Customs in Sweden means opportunity for your company. Our Ted Roth explains how to thrive in the process.

Winston Churchill once said, ‘’There is nothing wrong with change … if it’s in the right direction.”

Take a look at the current state of transport administration software in Sweden and Churchill’s point of view proves particularly on target.

Our market right now is in a state of flux and with it many of you - or the companies you work for - are considering a brand-new software solution to meet the demands of your customs operations at a time when things are likely to change considerably.

Beyond the obvious ongoing software changes at Transport Administration & Customs solutions in Sweden, there is also Trump, tariffs, trade wars, Brexit and the normal rise and fall of your own market conditions.

And all of the above makes a decision on transport and customs software in Sweden and elsewhere a critical one no matter what size company we’re talking about.

Like Churchill pointed out, it’s important now to move in the right direction for your company – small, medium or large - if you want to maintain profits, growth and market share

Ted Roth's blog from Sweden
Ted Roth's blog from Sweden

That said, here are some questions to ask as you move forward:

  • What do you need your TA solution to do for your customs operations? What should it be able to support now and in the future?
  • Will you need it to support only local carriers or will it also need to take in international carriers?
  • How much customs work will you do? Do you need a product that integrates brokers that would create visibility,  ensure compliance and reduce costs? Or, do you want to do direct customs filing yourselves?
  • What about invoicing? Should freight invoice control be an option?
  • Have you had issues with manually choosing the right forwarder?  Would a carrier selection solution be a good choice now?  It would enable you to choose the correct carrier based on the required ETA and other needs?
  • And what about sharing tracking information with your customers? Do you need to make sure your solution allows for that?
  • Lastly, think about your company’s plan for growth. Do you need a solution now that you can grow with from a partner you can trust? I would say you do.
Ted Roth's blog from Sweden
Ted Roth's blog from Sweden

At AEB, we have a number of solutions that you can count on now and in the future that can help you make sure the change you plan, as Churchill said, in the right direction.

These include,

Carrier connect. The digital platform for seamlessly integrating carriers and parcel services into your workflows. This streamlines your shipping processes and makes it easier to collaborate with your transport service providers.

Monitoring and alerting. For an optimal flow of goods in a supply chain, the exchange of data must run smoothly. AEB Monitoring & Alerting offers next-generation shipment tracking. The platform does more than just consolidate the tracking data of transport service providers. It provides the foundation for modern supply chain event management.

Export filing. You can’t export anything without filing an electronic customs declaration. But that’s no reason to keep your customers waiting for their goods. Export Filing from AEB automates and accelerates your export processes – a scalable solution that helps new exporters and seasoned professionals alike.

Customs broker integration. Customs Broker Integration is not a one-way street: Your customs broker shares export accompanying documents, tax notices, and other critical documents with you, linked directly to the transaction. It’s all right there in your customs system, ready to use in all downstream processes.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget you can contact me on LinkedIn with any questions.