New Masters in International Trade Compliance

New Masters in International Trade Compliance

The University of Liverpool and Full Circle Compliance have recently launched a program called Executive Masters in International Trade Compliance (EMITC). We've been waiting for this!

It really was about time! The University of Liverpool and Full Circle Compliance have launched a program called Executive Masters in International Trade Compliance (EMITC). Its ultimate goal is to help organizations to become self-sufficient in international trade compliance. The program is truly tailored to industries’ needs. Check it out.

A convincing offer – I’m sold

This new master’s degree is a joint initiative by the University of Liverpool and Full Circle Compliance, an international trade audit and compliance advisory firm. I actually have some personal contacts at Full Circle Compliance – after all, we’re both based in the Netherlands 😉 – and highly value their professionalism and expert knowledge in the area of export controls and trade compliance.

What’s special about this new program is that it’s truly tailored to business and government executives involved in international business. It is really the first degree of its kind offered by a major university, with a unique schedule of classes to enable students to continue their full-time employment.

So, there is no need to save money, quit the job, and return to university full-time. Nope, it’s truly designed for working professionals. And by the way, the University of Liverpool, a Russell Group University, is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide – so this new program is not only urgently needed by trade and industry, it’s also of excellent quality.

What’s the concept

Classes will be presented in week-long modules at the University of Liverpool’s London campus, with two modules planned in Washington, DC, including opportunities to meet U.S. Government trade regulators. This combination fuses the best of both worlds: academic rigor and practical relevance. The program combines the latest regulatory and scientific insights with visits to government agencies.

Through action learning it assists students in producing directly implementable results to move compliance programs to the highest possible standard. Alright – this sounds excellent, doesn’t it? Take a look for yourself, or send your application straight in!

It’s what we need

We all know how increasingly complicated global trade compliance is today. Companies either have a global trade expert in-house (…it’s that guy who can quote legal provisions and restrictions for any goods movement – often in terms nobody else can follow…), or they work with external consultants to get a grip on it.

Either way, it’s clear: compliance is a complex matter of increasing importance that combines many areas of laws and regulations around controlling and securing global movements of goods. And national, regional, and international trade laws cannot only get complicated – they can get expensive, too: those who violate global trade laws may face severe criminal and/or civil penalties in addition to reputational damages, impacts on consumer confidence, and fulfillment delays.

So, having a new education program of such quality available to everyone is surely a great opportunity for businesses to “own” more knowledge in this area in the future. Yes, from my side, this is something we need, and something we’ve been waiting for. What do you think of it? 

I look forward to your views and comments – connect with me on LinkedIn to exchange.