AEB Transport & Freight Management Software: transport partner management made perfect

Collaboration with carriers, transport companies, and parcel services is the Achilles’ heel of many supply chains. An excess of manual processes and never-ending troubleshooting emails and phone calls keep shipping departments in a frenzy and lead to high costs. AEB Transport & Freight Management digitizes all the operational processes in collaboration with your transport service providers: 

The spectrum covers consignment consolidation, order assignment, the creation of carrier-specific labels, tracking & tracing of your shipments – even automated screening of freight invoices. This leaves your planners free to worry about the things that really bring in money: strategic route planning and cost-efficient cargo space purchasing. Transport & Freight Management largely automates day-to-day operations to optimize costs. 

Overview of software products


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Monitoring & Alerting

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Carrier Connect

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Freight Cost Management

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Integrated Transport & Freight Management as a complete package

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