Brexit is for real. Are you all set?

How do you avoid supply chain disruptions under Brexit? Bring your global trade and customs software up to speed to meet the challenge no matter which way things go. 




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Checklist: Is your supply chain ready for Brexit?

When trade relations change, it's crucial to analyze all affected points in your supply chain. Cross-border processes and partner collaboration beyond borders should be prioritized to drive efficiency.


Have you imported or exported before?

It's vital to build the right foundations for growth.


Do you have customs software in place?

It needs to be up to date, integrated, and flexible.


Are you working with a customs broker?

Collaboration is only efficient if it's based on integration.


Are you looking for a customs broker?

Our Customs Heroes network offers new options.


How do you ensure trade compliance?

Your export control efficiency relies on automation.

Need more? Check out our brand new supply chain checklist for business leaders looking to prepare their UK cross-border trade. 

Brexit solutions: Automating cross-border processes

If your customs and export control processes are not prepared for managing change, it's time to get them updated. Supply chain flexibility is key to success in global trade – because change is inherent. 

Customs Management with AEB

Customs declarations: Self-filing or broker integration

Automate and integrate your customs and broker processes. And navigate any upcoming changes successfully. 

Export Controls with AEB

Export Controls: Checking dual-use goods

Ensure export control compliance in line with dynamically changing sanction regimes across the globe. 

Product Classification with AEB

Product Classification: Managing customs codes

Implement changes in customs processes, rules, and tariffs in your master data and customs systems in an intelligent way.

Origin & Preferences with AEB

Origin and Preferences: Recalculating everything

Take advantage of frequently changing trade agreements and conveniently manage the involved processes.

Brexit guides: Starting customs management 

Many companies moving goods across UK borders are now facing customs declarations for the first time. It's important to start the right way. We released comprehensive new guidance for UK traders and offer slim step-by-step customs guides for traders in the Netherlands and Germany.

UK Guide

UK Guidance

NL Guide

Dutch Guide

DE Guide

German Guide

Questions about AEB software and Brexit?

Our global trade experts are happy to discuss how AEB software can deliver value for your business through automation and integration of customs and export control processes.

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