AEB Supply Chain Collaboration Software: the key to successful collaboration

Everyone knows that IT-supported, cross-enterprise collaboration offers a huge potential for cost efficiency. AEB Supply Chain Collaboration helps you tap into this potential by working together with all your supply chain partners. The functionalities include continuous bi-directional status exchanges at every level – transport, order, consignment, or the individual item. Processes such as order assignment, notifications, shipment tracking, proactive alerts of unplanned events, and delivery confirmations are largely automated. 

The package even includes time slot management, which helps you optimize processes in your loading zone. Both sides – you as the shipper and the transport service providers who work with you – have less manual workload throughout the transport process. You also gain complete visibility of the current status of your shipments and the performance of your partners.

Overview of software products

Monitoring & Alerting

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Loading Dock Scheduling

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Carrier Connect

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Integrated Supply Chain Collaboration as a complete package

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