Extending SAP® by plug-in

  • Rules and regulations for the jurisdictions of EU, Germany, and US EAR are maintained and regularly updated by AEB
  • EU jurisdiction: Screen for dual-use items, countries under partial and full embargo, license requirements due to critical end-use, and applicability of general licenses under EU law
  • German jurisdiction: Screen for arms embargoes on goods, for license requirements for goods, for license requirements due to critical end-use, and to applicability of German general licenses 
  • US EAR jurisdiction: Screen for goods, EAR embargoes, and applicability of auto-check license exceptions
  • Data service includes goods lists, country groups for embargoes, special end-uses, general licenses, and license exceptions

Other functions for SAP® ECC and SAP S/4HANA®

Trade compliance in SAP®

Logistics in SAP®

Global trade in SAP®