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Prices for Customs Broker Integration are made up of the following components: software licensing fees, customs broker service fees, and an initial setup fee. Our experts will help you choose the price plan that best matches your volumes and the customs processes you use.


From EUR 102/month

plus setup fee
plus customs broker service fee

250 transactions/year
EUR 3.13 for each additional transaction


From EUR 395/month

plus setup fee
plus customs broker service fee

2,500 transactions/year
EUR 1.76 for each additional transaction


From 2,048/month

plus setup fee
plus customs broker service fee

25,000 transactions/year
EUR 0.98 for each additional transaction


What are the components that make up the final price?

Our prices consist of the following components:

  • Cloud solution fees – based on the number of transactions per year
  • One-off setup fees
  • Customs broker service fees – typically a price per declaration or parcel

Our experts will help you choose the price plan that best matches your volumes and customs processes.

What is a transaction?

In the context of our Customs Broker Integration software, transactions are broker instructions. The number of broker instructions per year determine the cloud pricing.

Broker instructions are electronic messages requesting the customs broker to submit a customs declaration. A single broker instruction generally results in the customs broker creating just one customs declaration. However, there may be circumstances (due to national customs regulations) where a broker must create more than one customs declaration per broker instruction.

Who is my commercial contract partner?

If you opt to use an AEB partner broker, then your contract partner is AEB and we will invoice you for all customs declaration fees (in addition to the cloud and setup fees).

If, on the other hand, you opt to onboard your own broker onto the AEB software platform then you will continue the commercial relationship with that broker and they will invoice you directly for their services. In the case where you onboard your own broker, AEB will only charge for cloud and setup fees.

How is the payment of duties and taxes handled?

There are a variety of different mechanisms that could be used. Taxes may, for example, be handled via postponed VAT accounting. Similarly, duties might be paid via a duty deferment account. Our experts will discuss the options with you on an individual basis.

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Mark Brannan, AEB SE
Mark Brannan, AEB SE

Mark Brannan
Head of Broker Services at AEB - always looking for the simplest and smartest digital solution for our customers' challenges.

Henriette Barthel, AEB SE
Henriette Barthel, AEB SE

Henriette Barthel
Product Manager at AEB. Her goal: simplifying foreign trade with software and services.

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