Sanctions lists at a glance

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Regulations at a glance

Sanctions lists are official directories with the names of persons, groups, organizations, and/or companies on whom specific economic or legal sanctions have been imposed. Companies based in the EU must comply with sanctions lists associated with EU regulations and any applicable national legislation.

The EU puts the names of embargoed individuals on its “anti-terror lists,” which include the EU Regulations 881/2002 (Al-Qaeda), 2580/2001 (other terrorism), and 753/2011 (Taliban). But the EU also maintains lists of names for which certain restrictions apply in the annexes of various country-specific embargo regulations, including those for Iran, North Korea, Russia/Ukraine, and South Sudan.

Key restricted party lists

The most important sanctions list for EU-based companies is the CFSP List, which includes all persons, organizations, and entities against which the EU maintains financial sanctions. This restricted party list is a consolidation of all the name lists of the anti-terror and country embargo regulations.

In addition to these regulations, EU-based companies may also need to pay attention to US sanctions lists. The United States administers a variety of sanctions lists and asserts the worldwide applicability of its export control laws. Companies that work with goods of US origin or as persons subject to US law are affected.

Which lists does AEB offer?

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The basic list package (DATC1) includes the following lists: 

  • CFSP, Consolidated Financial Sanctions List
  • EURUDU, EU-Russland-Embargo „Dual Use“
  • EURUKM, EU-Russland-Embargo „Kapitalmarkt“
  • BOE, Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK
  • DPL, DeniedPersons List, US-BIS-EL, Entity List, US-BIS Department of Commerce
  • UL, Unverified List, US-BIS Department of Commerce
  • SDN, SpeciallyDesignatedNationals List, US Department ofthe Treasury
  • OFAC-CSL, Consolidated Sanctions List, US Department ofthe Treasury
  • LADP, List ofAdministratevelyDebarredParties, US Department of State
  • LSDP, List ofStatutorilyDebarredParties, US Department of State
  • NPS, List of Nonproliferation Sanctions, US Department of State
  • EUL, End User List, JP MITI
Find more detailed information and further available lists here:
Find more detailed information and further available lists here:

Find more detailed information and further available lists here: 

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