Answers to your questions about WMS from AEB

Answers to your questions about WMS from AEB

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For your IT

Can AEB provide a cloud-based WMS software?

AEB operates two high-tech ISO 27001–certified data centres which support the global trade and logistics processes of more than 5,000 businesses. We offer our customers standard 24/7 operation with an availability rate of over 99%. AEB’s data centres are located in Germany, run and monitored by our own in-house specialists. In the unlikely event that a problem ever occurs, we can respond quickly and are not dependent on service level agreements with other providers. Our IT and global trade specialists also take proactive measures to ensure your solutions run smoothly and are always up to date. Database monitoring, system monitoring, and update services are also included. This takes the burden off your IT department, so you can focus on more value-adding tasks.

Can WMS from AEB be integrated into any ERP systems?

WMS from AEB has a successful real-world track record working hand in hand with ERP systems and logistics solutions from a wide range of providers, including Baan, IFS, Infor, JD Edwards, MOVEX, MS Navision, Oracle, Oxaion, proAlpha, SAP® ECC, SAP S/4HANA®.

Can WMS from AEB be integrated with scanners, pick-by-voice, pick-by-vision, AGV, shuttle racking, ASRS?

WMS from AEB can facilitate integration with host systems using web service technologies or an application programming interface (API). AEB WMS is equipped with its own centralized data hub for sharing data with various other applications. This makes it possible to achieve a smooth flow of data and processes in a complex web of host systems with a minimum initial investment.

Awards and certificates

Here you will find information about ISO certificates or awards that AEB has received for its products.

For your cold chain management and operators

Can putaway and picking routes by optimised by chosen product locations?

WMS from AEB supports optimisation based on a combination of different criteria such as warehouse order types and processes, handling unit, product grouping, ABC classes, storage areas, logistics client and chosen product locations.

Does WMS from AEB support multi-level warehouse storage?

To support the major trend shift in increasing warehouse storage capacity by having more pallet positions, AEB WMS is configurable to capture all storage locations to achieve easy identification and product traceability.

Does WMS from AEB support temperature sensors?

AEB WMS can ensure temperature visibility of its cold room facilities by integrating directly with temperature loggers to achieve real-time monitoring.

Does WMS from AEB support automatic stock creation from production line?

AEB WMS can support and manage the production of goods in batches after production, blast chiller or freezing processes. We can also provide you with product packaging options (i.e. product or package labelling) to speed up processing and recording. Simply put, AEB WMS will print and read barcodes directly from your computer.

Can you obtain an inventory audit history from the system?

AEB WMS provides comprehensive functionality to track, monitor and maintain inventory in a warehouse. It supports visibility of audits of inventory changes at the location level. For instance, the recounted quantity, the assigned warehouse representative to the cycle count, batch no., shelf life expiration date, etc.

Can WMS from AEB create labour management reports?

AEB WMS supports resource assignment based on a job list to distribute the workload among operators. AEB WMS is integrated directly into JasperReports to allow monitoring of performance measurement such as processing time during receiving, putaway, picking and loading per user.

Does WMS from AEB support reporting and analyses?

AEB WMS is integrated directly in to JasperReports and provides a range of standard reports and dashboards to allow easy monitoring of your operations at the click of the mouse.

Get into the smarter cold chain – How does it work?

Streamline your cold chain operations using market-leading cold chain warehouse management.

For your finance department

Does WMS from AEB support auto-billing and tracking of billing items such as number of pallets handled?

AEB WMS is integrated directly into a billing engine to monitor and manage all relevant logistics costs within your operation. Your finance team can configure different billing scenarios to support auto-calculation of billing items for invoicing.  The billing engine can consider different VAT calculations, discounts or surcharges from different periods before releasing or settling the invoice. It also provides a status monitoring of the progress and auto-alerting function to track each settlement.