AEB Multi Carrier Management Software: fewer cares, more carriers

The multi carrier management software from AEB lets you print shipping labels and transmit shipping data for more than 200 carriers and parcel services. With our multi carrier management software you can quickly and easily integrate transport partners into your workflows and with host systems such as SAP® ERP and SAP S4/HANA®. The result: Better performance for your shipping logistics, less time and money spent on software maintenance. And the flexibility to switch your transport service providers whenever necessary. 

From EUR 102 / month

AEB Carrier Connect: Multi carrier management software for fast and accurate shipping labels

Full integration of our multi carrier management software into ERP, logistics, and other host systems

Multi carrier management software from AEB: Always up to date, less fuss for in-house IT

Snappy logistics for happy customers – thanks to  multi-carrier management software


Like clockwork

Carrier Connect is engineered for flexible, reliable, lightning-fast processes. 
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Optimized pricing

Transparent and straightforward: Carrier Connect pricing models at a glance.
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Add-on services

 For integrated shipping processes: tracking & tracing, freight cost management, and more.
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The multi-carrier management software from AEB in a nutshell

This is what multi-carrier management software looks like today: Generate fully automated shipping orders and use Carrier Connect to ensure that your transport partners always have the right labels, documents, and EDI messages – for more than 180 carriers and parcel services. Integrate Carrier Connect seamlessly into your IT environment and receive feedback data from transport service providers directly into your host system. And use Track & Trace to always keep an eye on the status of your shipments. Add-on services like Freight Cost Management, Carrier Selection, and Entry Certificate also make it easier to manage many other shipping tasks.

White paper download: How Carrier Connect can help you integrate carriers and parcel services into your processes and system environments

How our multi carrier management software AEB Carrier Connect can help you integrate carriers and parcel services into your processes and system environments.

Multi-carrier management software from the AEB Cloud: less hassle for your IT

AEB is always updating Carrier Connect, working to constantly enhance and improve the software. This means regular updates, maintenance, and functional upgrades in Carrier Connect. Carrier Connect is cloud-based, so it runs in the AEB data center. Enhancements are automatically made available to you. We also regularly expand the portfolio of carriers and parcel services that you can quickly and easily integrate into our multi-carrier solution.

If you have any questions or experience any problems with the software, AEB Support has your back. Standard support is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central European Time, and personalized support plans can extend this up to 24/7. 

 Multi-carrier software from the AEB Cloud: less hassle for your IT

End-to-end IT support for smooth workflows. Carrier Connect offers out-of-the-box connections to many systems. A sampling:

Carrier Connect integration with SAP® ERP, SAP® EWM, and Dr. Thomas + Partner

News and case studies about multi-carrier management software

Carrier Connect Product expert Andrej Grohar

AEB Product Expert Andrej Grohar

“Optimize your shipping logistics! I’ll be happy to show you how Carrier Connect can give you greater flexibility and performance while making life easier for your own IT experts.”