Our partner BuyCo

BuyCo – our partner for container shipping for large-volume shippers

BuyCo is the leading Container Shipping Platform for ocean transportation. Designed for exporters and importers managing large volumes of containers, the SaaS platform connects to 97% of all ocean carriers to simplify, secure, and automate daily shipping tasks. BuyCo’s collaborative platform centralizes the members of the supply chain to streamline operations and provide all parties with smart visibility over container shipping. BuyCo’s customers reduce shipping costs by cutting down internal, carrier, and freight forwarding expenses.

The BuyCo platform allows shippers to:

  • Digitalize and automate container shipping operations: vessel selection and booking, sending shipping instructions, etc.
  • Collaborate on shipping documents and tasks
  • Track containers in real-time, from door to door
  • React faster to exceptions with alerts and notifications
  • Make better decisions with enhanced data intelligence
Founded by maritime supply chain experts, BuyCo is here to help you drive more innovation to your operations, from a team that knows your industry best.



37 Boulevard Paul Peytral,
13006 Marseille

Phone + 33 4 91 37 00 96