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Tap your superpowers

Our International Business Development Director is revealing what we believe are the eight key export controls and compliance superpowers. How many does your company have?

Mark Brannan 08.06.2018

Captain Compliance

In a world where regulators are cracking down more than ever on traders and exporters it sometimes seems harder and harder to ensure your compliance program will keep your company from the long arm of the law. Fortunately, our Mark Brannan knows Kryptonite when he sees it and he is here to help. He outlines the eight superpowers your company needs to keep regulators at bay. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. 

About the author
Mark Brannan
Mark Brannan, Director of International Business Development, has been with AEB since 2000. His analyses examine the theme of export controls with a special focus on US legislation and the latest relevant market news.

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