Always important but suddenly urgent? UK customs clearance software
UK Customs Clearance

Always important but suddenly urgent? UK customs clearance software

Digitising UK customs clearance processes and implementing software has always been of importance to ensure compliance and efficiency. Why is it so urgent now?

Always important: UK customs clearance software

In the digital age, moving goods efficiently across borders in compliance with all customs rules, depends on flexible customs software. 

In certain areas of customs management, operating costs can be cut in half by implementing integrated customs clearance software. But despite excellent ROI and great benefits for supply chain performance and customer service, businesses often wait too long to start. 

But as market pressures grow and technology advances proceed, digitising customs management and involved import and export declaration procedures, have become an urgent matter. Our AEB global trade experts are discussing best strategies and solutions for businesses across industry sectors every day. 

What is the status quo of your digital customs management? 

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Brexit urgency: UK customs clearance software

Brexit developments since 2016 have increased the awareness for the importance of digital customs management for supply chains across UK borders. The UK has officially left the EU on January 31, 2020 and the Transition Period is on now – until December 31, 2020. 

This means businesses must get ready to manage customs procedures for goods moving across UK borders by the end of the year. 

An extension of the Transition Period is currently not expected. Applicable customs duties and procedures for UK trade are a matter of trade agreements and the talks between the UK and its trading partners are on. 

But there is no reason (or time!) to wait for their conclusions. It's crucial to set up digital customs and global trade processes now to be in the position to master cross-border trade by the end of the year. UK customs clearance software should be given a top priority now. Or customs broker integration software, depending on your UK customs clearance strategy.  

No matter which way things will go under Brexit developments, automation saves time and money, and digitization is essential to keep a competitive edge today. This is why more than 5,000 businesses across industry sectors rely on AEB solutions for managing global trade and logistics processes from procurement to fulfillment. 

Find out more about AEB's UK customs clearance software. Integrated in SAP®, Salesforce or other ERP/CRM systems, offering multi-country options, and of course, available in the cloud.