Developments in the age of digitization
SCM trends

Developments in the age of digitization

What are the latest trends driving global trade and logistics? It's hard to keep up and we all struggle with information overload at times. Digitization and more – get the latest scoop here.

Fast and complex

The world of global supply chain management is never at a standstill. General dynamics include:

  • Insourcing and outsourcing
  • Acquisitions and collaborations
  • Reducing spending and optimizing operations
  • Penetrating new markets while managing trade agreements
  • On-boarding new suppliers while implementing new export control requirements
  • And of course, increasing customer service levels while meeting ever-growing client demands, shorter delivery windows, and multi-channels order requirements

Trends and strategies: digitization

Business success depends very much on efficiency, and today this is unthinkable without IT support – even without considering latest advances in the area of 3D printing or drone deliveries, for example. Of course, the mega trend accompanying us in global markets since a while is ‘digitization’.

Its relevance is growing at an incredible rate and businesses across all industry sectors are dramatically affected by the global race to implement the right strategy. Today, in always-on, real-time, and information-rich marketplaces, digitization forms the foundation for sustainable success and competitiveness in the long run.

Forward-looking companies have already made significant progress in migrating ‘analog’ processes to the digital world, while others have just woken up to the challenge. Global governments are also raising awareness for the relevance of digitization and are promoting various initiatives to support their local economies. 

Take a look at Germany’s official Digital Agenda 2014-2017, or check-out the UK Digitization Index by Brunel University and Applegate. At AEB, we have been digitizing supply chain processes for over 35 years now, and are recognizing the importance and urgency of the matter for our customers. We also engage in various initiatives to inform and educate on the topic.

What we can deliver to you

With that much going on, I am pleased to offer this new platform to you. In business since 1979, we have built up not only an integrated solution with a global approach for SCM and GTM, and a strong AEB-own network with strategic positions in Asia, across Europe, and the U.S. – no, we also have built up an extensive knowledge base.

And we would like to share that knowledge with you. On the phone, during visits, at conferences, workshops and seminars, over lunch, in magazine articles, and also digitally – here. We look forward to your virtual visits and hope it helps you stay on the pulse of fast-moving developments in global supply chain management. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and please connect with me on LinkedIn to engage in discussions.