The smarter phone
crossing the digital divide

The smarter phone

Something to declare? In Switzerland, there's an app for that. The government now allows customs declarations with smartphones when entering. There's also some good news for companies.

Switzerland takes a digital leap ahead

The Swiss Federal Customs Administration now allows clearance through smartphones. The move is part of its national digitalization program and aimed at making its services for private people and companies digitized by 2026.

To date, travelers declared their foreign shopping, holiday souvenirs or gifts at a border crossing either orally or in writing. 

The trouble is that this process is often difficult and complex. Now a QuickZoll application allows them to declare on their own, digitally and regardless of location.

What the app can do

The first iteration of the QuickZoll app is limited to standard customs clearance. More complex business cases are still handled at the counter of occupied border crossings. 

QuickZoll is available for iOS and Android operating systems and can now be downloaded free of charge in the respective App stores.

For companies, the news on the digital program is also good. Customs declarations, which have been allowed only in paper form, can now also be digitally transferred.

The process was developed in close cooperation with Swiss industry and is being tested with pilot companies and customs offices.