Supply Chain Trilogy
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Supply Chain Trilogy

AEB, Honeywell and Prime Sales put on an event to remember in March in Manila, Philippines.

Supply Chain Trilogy was a series of three events organized by AEB, Honeywell and Prime Sales – leaders in the supply chain industry. The event was packed with the latest trends and valuable insights from different industry experts covering three specific industries - transport and logistics, retail and manufacturing industry.

This event was designed for business leaders, C-level management, business owners, VP’s and executives who are involved in business strategy, information technology, operations, supply chain and procurement in transport and logistics, retail and manufacturing industries.

Participants got to discover and learn about exciting topics, ranging from warehouse automation to data collection technologies to materials handling equipment.

They also discussed the topics are at the forefront of supply chain, such as automation, omni-channel, eCommerce, the Internet-of-Things, AR/VR, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, last mile delivery, blockchain, integrated supply chain and digitization that will bring your company a competitive edge.