Goodbye SCMALLWORLD. Welcome Magazine!
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Goodbye SCMALLWORLD. Welcome Magazine!

SCMALLWORLD was our soundtrack of supply chain management – with views on latest trends and hot topics in SCM, GTM, and IT. It's been quiet since February. Here is why that's good news.

Where we've been

You’ve been enjoying weekly trend updates from the world of supply chain management, global trade, and IT since July 2015. And for almost a month now, it’s been veeeeeeery quiet. So, what’s going on? Well, we've been preparing a surprise for you. 

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. Digitization, globalization, and e-commerce developments are just some of the drivers. This means we need to change, too. Our blogger Steffen Frey has already told you a little bit about this in his blog post Invest, evolve, innovate: AEB is shaping up for the digital future.

As part of these changes, we've also been working on a new website. Naturally, this new website will is now also the new home of your SCMALLWORLD content. But just giving our management blog a new platform to sit on is not good enough a change for our readers. No no no! We want to offer our readers more – much more.

Where we are

And this is how it looks and feels. Our new website – and our new content home. One central place in AEB’s own digital world, where our readers, customers, partners, and fans can find relevant information about supply chain management, global trade, and IT.

This one central platform offers all you need for updates and inspiration in your daily work: industry news, regulatory updates, trends and opinions, case-studies – you name it. One place to find it all. How cool is that? Very. Have a look around and let us know what you think.  

Your subscription

As a subscriber in SCMALLWORLD, this means for you: you will no longer get your weekly blog post updates. Instead, your subscription has been moved to our monthly newsletter

You will receive the first one in April. And make sure you visit our "Magazine", our awesome, new “content hub” every time you're looking for updates and inspiration on news and trends in supply chain chain management, global trade, and IT 😉.

That’s our gift to you. Enjoy! And if you have content wishes, ideas, or questions, just contact us at

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