Streaming physical goods

Downloading holes instead of buying a drilling machine?

Today, I’m keeping it short. I only want to highly recommend the article “When delivery is free, will ownership survive?” from Seth Miller. Here is why.

Three (and a half) reasons why should read it:

1.    Well, have you ever thought about not buying a drilling machine – but “streaming” one? No? Ok. Read on then.

2.    Are you working in an industry that sells physical goods? Well, then take a look at what you can learn from the decay of the music industry.

3.    You never liked the drilling-hole example because it’s too obvious? Well: Miller doesn’t use it, so you can read on.

3.5  Have you ever wondered whether there is something like a sushi bazooka in the world? Well…

>> When delivery is free, will ownership survive? By Seth Miller

Very worthwhile the read, isn’t it? What do you think? I look forward to your views and comments, on XING, or LinkedIn.