Expert video: Explained in 5 minutes – IT and SCM in the digital age

Expert video: Explained in 5 minutes – IT and SCM in the digital age

Get the position paper on digitization in logistics and watch the short video for an example on how to leverage IT as competitive factor for SCM in the digital future.

Service level expectations and customer demands for flexible logistics services are extremely high in the era of digitization. Resulting key market drivers include increased requirements for transparency, supply capability, and delivery reliability – and for individualized products and services.

In my role as member of the board at the German logistics association BVL (The Global Supply Chain Network), I recently had the chance to dive deeper into this topic. Together with fellow BVL board members and a truly high-caliber project team, we created the position paper “Digitization in Logistics – Answers to questions that concern companies”.

It addresses the most important questions on how digitization and digital transformation affect businesses involved in supply chain management. You can download it directly from the BVL website. One of the questions the paper answers is how the role of IT is changing to ensure supply chains can meet increasing demands in this challenging environment.

As it’s a complex topic, we’ve taken a practical approach in our paper – offering tangible tips and examples. Like the coffee machine manufacturer that developed its IT from a mere supporting factor for logistics processes to an integral part of its SCM.

Quick insights: watch the video

If you like to learn more but don’t have the time to work through our 28-page position paper right now, watch this video. In 5 minutes, I’m explaining the topic with examples – it’s in German with English subtitles.

It’s clear that IT will become an even more critical competitive factor in the future – for new business models, increased customer orientation, and an extended portfolio of services.

How are you approaching this topic in your organization? I look forward to your comments or questions on LinkedIn.