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AEB hits the road for global business

We will take part in the prestigious Institute of Directors’ “Open House on the Road for Global Business” – the IOD's signature event for business leaders looking to grow their companies.

Trade wars. Political unrest. Market fluctuations. Economic uncertainty. A cloudy forecast for global trade. Is it time to circle the wagons? Run for cover? Defend your turf?

Geoff Taylor, AEB's general manager in the UK, says it’s actually time to go on the offensive.

‘’Economic uncertainty has shaken business confidence, but it also highlights the clear advantage for businesses that harness new technology when trading across borders,’’ Taylor says in a recent blog for the Institute of Directors (IoD).

‘’Modernizing and tapping the potential of global trade and digital customs management empowers companies to respond quickly to changes and achieve excellent returns on investment at the same time. It also advances businesses’ digital agenda, which is a high priority for business leaders across sectors.’’

Geoff Taylor
Geoff Taylor

Taylor will take part in the Institute of Directors’ “Open House on the Road for Global Business” – the organization’s  showpiece event for business leaders looking to grow their companies.

The 2019 roadshow will visit seven locations across the UK between May and November to discuss the potential, challenges, and success factors of global business with UK company leaders.

The first event is in London at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel on May 10. Others include:

  • May 13 – National Conference Centre, Solihull
  • June 13 – Cardiff Castle, Cardiff
  • June 27 – UWE Bristol Business School, Bristol
  • November 13 – Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel, Manchester
  • November 20 – The Deep, Hull
  • November 21 – Newmarket Racecourse, Newmarket

Taylor is one of the expert panelists and business roundtable hosts at the IoD Open House for Global Business events. Together with his team, he is working closely with leaders across UK industry sectors at the IoD events to understand the impact of global trade changes (such as Brexit, HMRC system changes, U.S. trade wars or any other dynamic development) and what it takes to build efficient and flexible supply chains in the digital age to ensure future success.

Highlighting globalization trends and technology advances, the focus of each half-day event is on navigating the complex world of global trade to drive business growth.

Global trade
Global trade

AEB is taking an active part in the “Investing in technology” panel discussion and expert round table program. 

Taylor will be joined on the panel by:

  • Christopher Foster, Presidential Research Fellow, Global Development Institute (CHAIR).
  • Craig Melson, Programme Manager | Digital Devices, Consumer Electronics, Export Controls and Environment and Compliance, techUK.
  • Dr Chris Moore, Technology Specialist at the Department for International Trade (DIT).
  • Katrin Herrling, CEO & Co-Founder, FUNDING XCHANGE.
  • and Sameer Savani, Head of Innovation and Engineering, ADS.

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