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AEB study on apps: from consumer gadgets to added business value

330 logistics and global trade experts across industry sectors shared insights on use, potential, and risks of business apps. Get the new research study from AEB free of charge now.

Apps have truly become an integral part of everyday private life. As intuitive little helpers, they make our lives easier in many areas. But, what’s the role of apps in business now and in the future – especially in the areas of logistics, global trade, and supply chain management? The way to find out is to ask. So that’s what we did:

We’ve asked 330 experts working in these fields across various industry sectors as part of our annual study series (“Global Trade Management Agenda”) in collaboration with DHBW Stuttgart University in Germany.

Results reveal that the topic “business apps” is highly relevant and that we are only at the beginning of a dynamic development. Nine out of ten experts rank business apps as a critical competitive factor in global trade and logistics. And 86.7% of respondents agreed that the importance of apps will continue to grow in these areas. But there are also concerns: three quarters of the respondents worry about constant availability requirements and a blurring of borders between private life and work (77.1%). And over half of respondents are concerned about inefficiency caused by distraction.

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At this point, I would usually talk about some more highlights of the study. But this time, I will let a picture speak for itself. Take a look at the infographic below to see the key results of the study in the areas of current and future use, relevance, potentials, and success factors. Click on the graphic to enlarge it. And don’t forget to download the full study to get all insights and good impulses for your business.

Let me know if you have any questions. Or feedback, of course. I very much look forward to hearing from you – just get in touch via the website.

Results at a glance
Results at a glance