Global trade management research study 2016: AEB results publication
Research study

Global trade management research study 2016: AEB results publication

Strongly pushing forward in 2016 – that’s the goal. Find out what else is of importance for global trade and logistics experts next year in the results of AEB's 2016 global trade management research study.

Top 2016 priorities

To get straight to the point: “reducing lead times” has once again made the race. For this year’s GTM study we asked over 300 decision-makers which topics they rank highest on their 2016 agendas. After previous years’ results were shaped by various embargo regulations – keyword: Russia crisis – it’s all back to improving the own performance now.

Over time it has also become evident that the topic of “employee recruitment and qualification” is continuously gaining importance. This clearly indicates which structural challenges lie ahead of us. The battle to win the “best minds” for the own team has long since begun and is further exacerbated by the increasing professionalization and demands in the global trade management environment.

The role of collaboration

A possible way out: teaming up with others, or respectively, promoting exchange with others. Adding value through collaboration. “Collaboration in the supply chain” was the second focus of this year’s research study. Many respondents see untapped potential in closer collaboration with customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers.

Interestingly, this seems less of a struggle for smaller businesses, which is perhaps based on larger companies’ concerns to lose their advance in knowledge through collaboration. Other hurdles for collaboration include legal frameworks of involved parties, for example. GTM managers recommend to implement more standards – then collaboration will work even better.

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I hope our study’s findings can bring benefits to your business.