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International humor: global trade stereotypes

Global trade can be a dry topic, full of rules and regulations. Sometimes it helps to take a breather and have some fun.

Just a few short comments before I let you scroll down and have a chuckle.

We don’t stereotype anyone at AEB. In fact, we thrive in diverse environments – be it culturally or technically. And we understand and support people in all our different markets across the world.

But we also like good humor, and we can laugh about ourselves. This is why we pull our own leg first in the following global trade stories – starting with the country that is home to our head office 😉 .

Personally, I’ve been lucky enough to visit all of the countries that you see included – and I treasure my impressions and experiences in all areas: people, work, leisure. Now, that being said: are you ready?

Let’s have a laugh about ourselves – or at least, about the stereotypical versions of our home markets. Curious? Go on, scroll down, and enjoy  😉 .

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