we're your customs heroes

Customs Heroes debuts at Transport Logistic

AEB Managing Director Markus Meissner talks about some of the questions your company might ask itself.

You can meet the Customs Heroes, the world's first digital customs broker, between June 4 and 7 at Transport Logistic in Munich. 

Learn about how we can take your business into new markets, cut costs in shipping, and let you know the customs status of every product shipped. Our exclusive network of customs brokers ensures goods cross borders swiftly and easily. 

The benefits are many. You can:

  • Win crucial multi-country tenders and generate business around the globe.
  • Save time and administrative costs through our digitized processes.
  • Get started easily with our fast-growing customs broker network.
  • Get full transparency and real-time visibility on customs status.
  • And our automated processes cut broker fees by as much as 50 percent.

Come see us at Transport Logistic at Hall Crossing A4 and A5. Schedule an appointment now. We'll show you how we'll revolutionize customs clearance work together. 

We're your Customs Heroes.