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Cutting costs around the globe - Customs Heroes

Save time and administrative costs through our digitized processes. And our automated processes cut broker fees by as much as 50 percent.

What’s the key to success in global trade today? Digitization.

At Customs Heroes we are focused on digitized processes and automating the tasks that at many companies are still manual.

‘’Working with customs brokers is often quite traditional,’’ says Mark Brannan, international business development director at AEB, the parent company of Customs Heroes. ‘’You send them instructions via e-mail with a PDF attachment. The broker manually keys in your data into his system. He clears the goods through customs and sends you an advice by e-mail.

‘’But at Customs Heroes we provide automated interaction with the customs brokers thus saving time. The customs broker also uploads any documents received from the customs authority into the Customs Heroes platform, saving on administrative work.’’

Some fast facts on us include:

  • In international trade, customs brokers are critical to global success. With Customs Heroes, we will automate your collaboration with brokers around the world and all under just one contract.
  • What's more, our network of customs brokers in 18 countries are already participating in our service, each thoroughly vetted in advance to ensure quality and reliability.
  • And your customs data is seamlessly transmitted to authorities by our broker partners. Then all important documents, forms and tax assessments are available to you in our digital interface.
  • Plus, with Customs Heroes you won't wonder if your the customs declaration has been sent. Or if your goods cleared customs. Or if you have  proof of import or export. Customs Heroes gives you the answers you need, when you need them. 

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