Christmas logistics – last call for gifts
Santa in the digital age

Christmas logistics – last call for gifts

From lost magic and flying reindeers to big data analyses and last-minute Christmas gift ideas.

Where did the magic go? It’s all about logistics now.

It’s just a few more days to go before Christmas. On the manufacturing side, we’re looking at getting last final orders in to push financial results and on the logistics side, we’re now right in the middle of peak-season 24/7 operations to deliver the “Christmas magic” to everybody’s front doors, as usual.

Speaking of magic, my kids are now 7 and 14. Not sure about yours, but as magical as the Christmas time still is for them (and myself, too 😉 ) on many levels, their belief in Santa Claus and his magic has faded by now. When I think back to my days as a kid – it was really “magic” we believed in. Magical sleigh, flying reindeers, all of that.

I wonder if the technological advances in our world today kind of “rob” future generations of kids of this wonderful magical illusion. They grow up with smartphones and pads, and understand from the get-go how data in the background of the Internet links up to make everything transparent and interconnected. With digitization marching quickly ahead, current generations need to adapt to keep up with developments, but upcoming ones naturally grow up in our transparent and high-tech world.

If they were told Santa Claus flies around with a magical, reindeer-pulled sleigh to deliver gifts, they would immediately become skeptical. They would rather assume he works with elaborate tools to track online consumer behavior and derive everyone’s wishes through big data analyses, and then deploys global logistics agents to make overnight deliveries for all corresponding Santa-online-orders.

No more magic. Just high-tech logistics. I guess we all need to dig a bit deeper these days to keep a little “magical bubble” for our kids and feed their belief in those many important things that cannot be seen or be data-processed ;).

Did your magic fail? Here are some last-minute gift ideas.

No matter how high-tech it’s all become, for many, it’s also every year a bit like it is Christmas for the very first time. How else do we explain the seemingly unavoidable rush to get last – or temporarily forgotten – Christmas gifts under wraps just before the big day?

Of course we all know that everything is actually best bought in late summer sales periods, and we really all have sufficient time to get our project plans ready for it. But, while some really manage it in an exemplary way, there are always some of us rushing – and not too few of us either ;).

In case this applies to you this year, I’ve got something good for you: take a look at the gift ideas below.

Holiday logistics gifts

What’s really cool about those gift ideas is that they all have a logistics theme. And with logistics being so integral for all of us here, what could fit better? My personal favorites are the water donation and the wooden forklift truck. Take your pick!

I hope that all you had planned for 2015 – both professionally and personally – is taking its course. My very best wishes for happy holidays, and all the best for a healthy and successful New Year to you! I look forward to your comments and thoughts on LinkedIn.