CHIEF CDS import declaration software UK: Efficiency in the cloud
UK Imports

CHIEF CDS import declaration software UK: Efficiency in the cloud

Companies importing across UK borders must submit import declaration to the CHIEF or CDS system. UK import declaration software is vital to ensure smooth trade.

Why you need software to master UK import declarations via CHIEF and/or CDS

In the digital age, moving goods efficiently across borders in compliance with all customs rules, depends on flexible customs software. Automation saves time and money, and digitisation is essential to keep a competitive edge today. This is why more than 5,000 businesses across industry sectors rely on AEB solutions for managing global trade and logistics processes from procurement to fulfillment. 

In the UK, it's a high priority now to automate customs processes. If you are importing to the UK, import declarations must be filed with HMRC's customs systems CHIEF and CDS. The short name "CHIEF" stands for "Customs Handling of Import & Export Freight" and "CDS" for "Customs Declaration Service". CHIEF is the old customs system, and CDS the new. 

If your business is importing goods across UK borders, or you plan to do so after the Brexit Transition Period has ended on December 31, 2020, your supply chain efficiency relies on automated import declaration management. It's high time to get started. 

Talk to an AEB solution expert about your cross-border software needs

If you have not imported before, take a look at our Brexit / Transition Period tool kit for traders. It features a Brexit customs checklist and guides for companies who have not imported or exported before. 

If you are well versed in self-managing import declarations and procedures and just need to get ready for UK imports, take a look at Import Filing with AEB. Integrated in SAP®, Salesforce or other ERP/CRM systems, offering multi-country options, and of course, available in the cloud. 

AEB Brexit Tool Kit

Import Filing with AEB