Global trade report

Brexit survey results and action plan template

Risks, challenges, investments, and opportunities under Brexit. Plus: an action plan for measures across the business to prepare global trade operations.

I kept you waiting for this new report a bit longer than planned. But I can assure you: it was worth the wait! As promised and without further ado, I’m pleased to share our new Brexit report with you:

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It compiles the assessments of business leaders across ten industry sectors in the UK on risks, challenges, investments, and opportunities in global trade under Brexit. The results are highly interesting – especially in comparison with 2016 numbers – and deliver a valuable benchmark for traders in this turbulent time.

Hot off the press

Published findings are based on respondents’ assessments in the global trade survey during the workshop sequence of our Brexit conference in October 2017 in partnership with CILT(UK). Please refer to the picture below for the represented industry sectors. The timing really is perfect – with all of us amid 2018 planning and budget discussions, the report delivers excellent prompts and ideas.

bitte einfügen
bitte einfügen

Bonus material

For the first time this year, the report also includes an action plan template for traders. It’s based on the results of the interactive workshop at the event where conference delegates across sectors were given the following task: compile considerations across different areas of business that every company needs to have on screen to prepare global trade operations for changes under Brexit – or any other, dynamic global trade change. The result is an action plan template with highly useful check-points for traders.

Go to the AEB media center to download the full report now

Words of thanks

I don’t want to miss the opportunity to officially thank again our conference speakers from government, consultancy firms, and industry players as much as our workshop leaders, organizers, and industry delegates. All of you have taken an active part in our 8th Annual Compliance Conference, you have greatly contributed to its success, and you have made this new report possible. Your expert insights with different perspectives across sectors deliver great value for both UK and EU traders at this time.

Thank you very much – and I look forward to continuing our discussions and welcoming you at our next event. I hope you enjoy our new report and please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your feedback, comments, and views on LinkedIn.