AEB unveils new identity
AEB makes it happen

AEB unveils new identity

As the world of logistics turns and the software market evolves, AEB is evolving along with it. With a new brand identity, a reorganized portfolio – and the same proven strengths. Let the curtain rise.

The software world as a whole has seen profound changes of late – a circumstance all too familiar to those in the logistics industry. This reality has been driven home to us in our many conversations with our valued customers, prospective customers, and partners. The changes you grapple with require us to change as well. That’s why we at AEB have realigned our solution portfolio to today’s market, revamped our brand identity, and reorganized our cloud products. We’ve also developed a highly flexible software platform that has just passed the initial pilot projects with flying colors.

“The future in global trade, logistics, and IT is increasingly dynamic and continually evolving. Businesses seek a software partner that can provide reliable, proactive, and collaborative support in this process of change,” explains Matthias Kiess, Co-Managing Director of AEB. “We’ve focused our positioning to reflect this.”

Our inspiration can be expressed in just a few words: Software makes it happen. This is the wish we’ve heard expressed in IT departments, from logistics professionals, and from GTM and SCM teams. People want cloud-based software products that offer quick and reliable solutions to the challenges in global trade and logistics. And a cloud-based platform that quickly evolves to accommodate changing demands in the market. Software that knows what you want and need — and simply makes it happen.

What’s changing: new product structure, new website, new software platform

New structure for our cloud software

AEB has always produced outstanding software for global trade and logistics. Now, our product portfolio has been reimagined for a clearer structure that is even more closely aligned with the market. Customers will find it easier to select solutions based on their individual needs and bundle them into smart packages. “Our cloud products allow you to continue automating your global trade and logistics processes, so that you can work more quickly and effectively,” explains Markus Meissner, who is also Co-Managing Director at AEB. “The foundation for this remains the tried-and-tested software products running in AEB’s data center.”

Getting to know AEB faster: our new website

New logo, modern web design – that’s certainly all very nice for you. But that’s not our only objective here: Our new website helps you quickly and easily familiarize yourself with AEB and our portfolio – then reach out to us about finding the right solution for you. The AEB Magazine offers important breaking news from the world of global trade and logistics, so it’s always worth your while to stop by and visit.

New nEXt software platform

The new nEXt software platform has already sailed through its early pilot projects. The nEXt platform looks at the defined needs of businesses in global trade and logistics and draws upon the available apps and APIs in the AEB Cloud to design smooth processes with flexible workflows. The result is a genuine competitive advantage. “Users get a solution built upon best-practice templates – and so easy to customize that they can even make the adaptations themselves,” notes Kiess. “The software services deliver the desired functionality and stability.”

What’s never going to change: AEB’s core principles …

We remain your reliable port in a storm. Amid all the hype, disruption, and transformation of the digital revolution, many things at AEB have reassuringly remained just as good as always: Day for day, you and more than 5,000 other customers turn to an IT partner for global logistics processes that you can count on. With a quality of service you’ve come to appreciate. At the same 16 offices in 7 countries. With an ever-growing team of over 400 employees, most of whom you’ve known for years now. With the most stable ownership structure imaginable. And your loyalty is all the affirmation we need.

… our promises and service commitments

Change is inevitable – but not everything has to change. This is especially true for your tried-and-tested ASSIST4 systems and XPRESS solutions. “For customers currently using ASSIST4 and XPRESS, nothing will change,” explains Markus Meissner. “Both product families will continue to be maintained, developed, and supported as before. Customers will actually benefit from the refinements of the new products, solutions, technologies, user experience, and process models.” But since so much now unites ASSIST4 and XPRESS – both software families draw on the same components from the AEB Cloud – we simply left off the brand names while keeping our promise. And lo and behold: Everything became simpler, clearer, easier to understand. Everyone wins. That’s why the AEB product portfolio has been reimagined to focus consistently on providing the value that you deserve.

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