Global Trade Management Study

Clear the track for Digital Customs Management

What is the state of industry in the digitization of customs processes? What are your company’s goals and strategies for cross-border customs clearance? What are your top priorities? And what impact will digitization have on broker management? A new study from AEB and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Stuttgart has the answers to those questions and many others from 435 experts doing business now in global trade management.

Facts and figures: Digital customs clearance

63 % der Unternehmen kommunizieren mit ihren Zollagenten per E-Mail und Telefon; nur 26 % nutzen moderne IT-Schnittstellen.

Communication with customs agents

63% of companies communicate with their customs agents by e-mail and telephone; only 26% use modern IT interfaces.

Für 1/3 aller Unternehmen hat die Digitalisierung von Zollprozessen hohe Priorität

Priority of digitization

For 1/3 of all companies, the digitization of customs processes is getting a high priority than other business sectors.

3 % der Unternehmen erwarten von der Digitalisierung der Zollabwicklung eine Senkung des Personalaufwandes von mindestens 10 %.

Personnel costs

73% of companies expect the digitization of customs clearance to reduce personnel costs by at least 10%.

Clear the track for Digital Customs Management

Download the complete study.

Clear the track for Digital Customs Management

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Here’s how MacDermid Enthone automated customs clearance

Many top internationally active companies have already automated much of their customs clearance work with the help of AEB software. Read our case study on how MacDermid Enthone did just that.

Enthone Success Story

Erfolgreich digitalisieren. Mit AEB-Software

Viele Unternehmen haben bereits ihre Zollabwicklung erfolgreich digitalisiert – oder sind auf dem besten Weg dahin. Mit innovativer Software von AEB. Von der Im- und Exportabwicklung bis hin zur automatisierten Klassifizierung und Präferenzkalkulation. Hier finden Sie, was Sie brauchen:

Handlungsempfehlungen „Digitalisierung des Zollbereichs“ von Dr. Ulrich Lison

Recommendations for action "Digitization in customs"

"Business performance only scales digitally, which means that digitalization is becoming a central corporate task. But where does it all start? Companies must improve their understanding now of the importance of digitalization to their success,’’ says Dr. Ulrich Lison, member of the AEB management team and author of the GTM study.

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