Smart integration, smooth processes

AEB software realizes its true potential when integrated into your current system environments. This is where we make your life easier: Smart technologies enable the simple, reliable integration of AEB products into ERP systems such as SAP®, IFS, proAlpha, and more – for a smooth flow of data and end-to-end process support.

AEB software has a successful track record of smooth interaction with a wide variety of host systems. In countless projects, we have successfully integrated with all kinds of solutions – even in complex, distributed, heterogeneous IT environments.

Web services, API – and an independent data hub

AEB software features a broad package of state-of-the-art technologies that facilitate integration and enable collaboration with host systems. One example is the web service technologies that provide easy, flexible integration through platform-neutral interfaces and standard internet protocols. AEB products also feature an application programming interface (API).

AEB products can even be equipped with their own centralized data hub for sharing data with host systems. This makes it possible to achieve a smooth flow of data and processes in a complex web of host systems with a minimal initial investment.

Bottom line: secure and efficient

However the integration is implemented in practice, the result is always the same: a smooth exchange of data among linked systems that enables an end-to-end automation of processes and easy analytics and evaluations. The integration also ensures greater efficiency and reliability with such issues as shipping, warehouse and customs management, export controls, transport management, and origin and preferences.

Integration, tried and tested: from Baan to SAP S/4HANA®

AEB software has a successful real-world track record working hand in hand with ERP systems and logistics solutions from a wide range of providers, including Baan, IFS, Infor, JD Edwards, MOVEX, MS Navision, Oracle, Oxaion, proAlpha, SAP® ECC, SAP S/4HANA® – and many, many more.

Integration bewährt in der Praxis: von Baan bis SAP ® S/4HANA