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AEB’s supply chain management, global trade, logistics and compliance solutions make headlines. Many industry magazines have published in-depth articles from – or about – AEB and its solutions, successful customer implementations and general business recommendations. A selection of these publications can be found here. If you would like to post one of the stories, we are looking forward to a file copy or link for our records.

Logistik als Wettbewerbsfaktor


Materials Handling & Logistics: The future of global trade and logistics is agile

Agile project management is on the rise in global trade and logistics: 84 per cent of companies believe that an agile approach lends a clear competitive advantage, and two-thirds expect agile methodologies to eventually replace traditional project management in global trade and logistics. That’s the finding of “Agile Future – How Agile Project Management Is Transforming Global Trade and Logistics,” a study conducted by AEB and DHBW University in Stuttgart, Germany. MHL reports about it on Connecting Industry.

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Eröffnung Firmenzentrale AEB


ADS ADVANCE: AEB releases new Brexit report

ADS, the leading magazine of the aerospace and defence sector in the UK, has reported about the official release of the UK Brexit conference results by AEB. The conference took place in October and brought together government officials, consultancy firms, and industry leaders to discuss the impact of Brexit on global trade compliance programs. The report includes an action plan template for traders and is available for download free of charge xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Logistikweisen Markus Meißner, AEB-Geschäftsführer


Logistics Voices: Three steps to exposing compliance risks

Sanctions by global authorities aim to combat violations of international law, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism. While bans and restrictions are essential for secure and fair global trade, they also present challenges for businesses looking to operate competitive and secure supply chains. Logistics Voices reports about AEB's new fact xxxxxxxx to support traders to expose and successfully manage compliance risks. 

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Brexit kostet deutsche Unternehmen bereits Geld


ADS ADVANCE: Risks within complex ownership structures

Do you screen all business partners against sanctions lists and observe all applicable licence requirements for your business transactions? Well done. Yet are you really doing all you can to secure your global trade? Hannah Beckett, Sales Manager at AEB, looks at risks lurking behind complex ownership structures and whether organisations can be sure they are trading in compliance with bans on indirect provisions.  

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Unternehmenszentrale der AEB an der Sigmaringer Straße


Manufacturing & Logistics IT: Brexit studies confirm urgent need for action to modernise global trade processes

There have been concerns about a skills shortage in global trade and supply chain management in the UK for a while now. But new survey results from Deloitte highlight the risk of a potential crisis under Brexit developments with over a third of EU workers considering leaving the UK due to uncertainty about their future status. That’s bad news for global trade and international logistics. But, there are things we can do to counteract the trend – get latest recommendations.  

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Business-Apps in der Logistik


MILT: Benefits of broker integration and centralized clearance under the Union Customs Code

Centralized clearance (CC) is amongst the simplifications linked with the placement of goods under UCC customs procedures. It offers great benefits: reduced costs for administration and transactions, as well as simplification and process acceleration. But it isn’t just brokers who can benefit from this new EU license – shippers can take advantage as well. And there is more shippers should do to truly optimise their customs processes and reap the benefits.

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Zollprogramm «DaziT» entlastet Unternehmen


Supply Chain IT: New AEB software for billing global trade and logistics services

Many companies take on global trade and logistics services on behalf of their customers and partners or other internal divisions. To enable them to calculate prices and bill these services more easily, AEB has expanded its logistics solution suite with ASSIST4 Billing, which supports the entire billing process, from automated price and cost calculation to invoicing and internal cost allocation. 

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DVZ: Probieren geht über Fehler suchen


ADS ADVANCE: AEB survey addresses project management in trade and logistics

Many global trade and logistics projects today are so complex and their environment so dynamic that traditional project management methodologies are no longer adequate. Many users are hoping that agile approaches deliver greater efficiency and flexibility at lower cost. It is a promising formula and whether it will work for global trade and logistics projects is the focus of this year’s survey for the joint research study by AEB and the DHBW University in Stuttgart, Germany. 

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Lieferantenerklärungen managen und Zollpräferenzen sichern


ERP Focus: Next generation IT: finding the right ERP landscape for global trade and logistics

While cloud solutions are still deployed primarily in isolated fields of application, more and more IT managers are also taking a critical look at their ERP systems. Cloud applications can support certain functions efficiently and they are easy and convenient to use. Businesses are increasingly weighing their options – especially in response to structural changes in the IT system environment. James Bennett explains more.   

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Österr. Außenhandel-Jahrbuch 2017: Zollkompetenz aus der Wolke


MILT: Supply chain visibility – the holy grail for customer-focused businesses

Over the years, logistics trends have come and gone, and logistics has transformed from being a supply chain’s motor to generating value and differentiating companies in today’s dynamic, competitive, and global marketplaces. Having arrived in the age of digitization, how should supply chains be set up to stay ahead, deliver as promised, and be prepared for future changes?  

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Wie wichtig sind Apps für die Logistik?


Supply Chain Asia: The gentleman who lives life on the edge

It is no secret that successful entrepreneurs tend to be extremely adventurous folks. Examples include Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, who has kitesurfed across the English Channel, and Mr Elon Musk, the mastermind behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors, who once wing walked on a bi-plane mid-air during his vacation. Read about Mr. Peter M. Belz, the founder of AEB.   

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Torsten Mallée, neues BVL Mitlgied


Roadway: Trouble at the loading dock

Issues at loading docks have been the cause of conflicts between shippers and transport partners for a long time. It seems quite unnecessary today. With all the developments in the age of digitization, it seems completely inappropriate to lack visibility of incoming deliveries, incur truck waiting times, struggle with staffing, or experience traffic jams in the yard.   

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Grenzenloser E-Commerce


Supply Management: Speed and risk management remain top supply chain issues

Speed and risk minimization will be the top issues concerning global supply chain executives over the next year, according to the new research study by AEB and the University DHBW in Stuttgart. More than half of 330 logistics and global trade experts also reported major shortcomings in talent management in the industry. Find out more in the full article on Supply Management.  

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Frachten ausschreiben in sechs Schritten


Packaging News: Sealed Air streamlines customs processes with AEB software

Sealed Air is managing a complex global trade and supply chain operations to meet the needs of a global customer base across various industries. Software provider AEB has been tasked with implementing solutions to streamline, accelerate, and secure Sealed Air’s customs processes, including export documentation, supplier management, product classification, and visibility – directly in the SAP® system.  

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vier Schritte der Exportkontrolle


Defence & Security News: BAE Systems selects software from AEB to enhance export controls

BAE Systems has launched a major IT transformation project in its UK Military Air & Information (MAI) division and selected software solution provider AEB as its partner to standardise and optimise global trade management systems. Building on a successful, 10-year business partnership, BAE Systems engaged AEB to enhance its export controls IT systems by implementing the latest functionalities from AEB’s Compliance & Risk Management software suite. The project is structured into three discrete phases, and the first two stages have been successfully completed.  

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


Logistics Business IT: ERP specialist joins forces with software provider in customs processing project

ERP software provider IFS and AEB are joining forces by integrating AEB solutions into the IFS Applications software. The cooperation’s main focus is on international customs processing – e.g. in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden – and on global trade compliance (including sanctions list screening and export controls), as well as on the management of origin and preferences. 

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


Manufacturing & Logistics IT: What to do with a global trade software patchwork?

Merging businesses holds a great advantage, as it means acquiring a new client base. There is a snag, however: managing parallel business processes, products, and IT systems is a very complex endeavour – and a costly one at that. When businesses merge, one type of IT solution in particular tends to be left behind in integration projects: global trade software. Why is that? Lee Martin explains and details the benefits of integrated customs platforms.   

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


ADS Advance: My working week - Claire Umney

Claire Umney, General Manager of AEB (International), speaks to the journalist Marcele Nethersole about AEB – including products and services, what it means to be a member of the ADS Group, how to add value for customers, plans for the future, and a typical day at work. 

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


Logistics Insight Asia: Uncovering Weaknesses, Finding Solutions

Companies that engage in international trade rely on effective export control processes throughout their supply chain. How can ERP systems be transformed to meet the complex requirements of export controls? Logistics Insight Asia reports about AEB's latest white paper “Transforming your ERP system into an export powerhouse”. 

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


ADS ADVANCE: AEB launches new ITAR software

As part of its comprehensive solution suite ASSIST4, AEB has released a new software module for efficiently managing goods subject to US ITAR. Latest features complement ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management and meet the needs of businesses managing controlled items in line with US export controls requirements and further support the automation and safeguarding of global trade compliance.

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


Asia Outlook Magazine: Digitization in Asia – the future is now

What impact will digitization have on supply chains in Asia? In this article, Frans Kok, General Manager of AEB Asia Pacific, explains how software and new technologies change global trade and logistics processes in the supply chain. And what this means for those who work in the fields of global trade, logistics, supply chains, and IT. Now is the time to embrace the challenge and make necessary changes to future-proof supply chains. 

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


Sourcing Focus: Efficiently managing transport tenders

Shippers typically do not maintain their own fleet of vehicles anymore. Outsourcing transport management has become a fixture in the portfolio of logistics managers. The process of calling for tenders and ultimately awarding a contract is generally a lengthy one. How to consolidate the required data? Who should be invited to pitch? Which carrier offers which spectrum of services, and who is strong on which routes? Read the full article to learn more.

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


ExportManager: Trends in 2016 – faster service expected

Reducing lead times is a top priority for three out of four supply chain decision makers in 2016. That's one of the results from the study "Global Trade Management Agenda 2016" – a collaborative project of AEB and the DHBW University in Stuttgart, Germany. The annual study analyzes trends and priorities in GTM for the year ahead with an aditional new focus topic each year. The 2016 study featured "collaboration" and the results are published in this article.

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Global Trade Management Agenda 2016


Business+Logistic: Are ERP systems fit for export controls?

Export control violations can result in serious consequences for international supply chains – including penalties and cessation of customs simplifications. Involved regulations have grown so complex that IT support is indispensable today. But is the own ERP system sufficient to meet the requirements? Michael Pirker explains in this article how businesses can empower their ERP systems to successfully manage export controls. 

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